New old posts is already active and at the moment I’m uploading old posts there. These posts was written in Polish and now I’m uploading it in English, so it’s the ones that you probably haven’t read before 😉
Have a nice day and I hope to see you on my new blog: Mr. P – art and travels.

The end is near

When I’ve started blogging I was in personal crisis situation and just wanted to throw out some thoughts from my head, to feel some kind of relief. I have to say it really helped me to go thru difficult situation and even brough me more positive things than I’ve expected. As you can imagine, on the beginning I had no plan, no idea about blogging. It wasn’t even blogging, it was just writing. I haven’t even planning to write in english, however since I’ve published first post in english I’ve found readers without community pool and other related things. It’s nice when you see someone, not only read your posts but also like it and I mean really like it, not only press like button. I still don’t care about numbers, maybe because it never was my goal to have penty of likes or followers but it’s nice when you can share your experience with others. The only problem is time or rather lack of time to read as much as I would like to read. Anyway I’m posting and reading time to time, I think I can call myself time to time blogger 😉 and it’s fine for me.
Now when I’m living in UK, I’m starting many things from the beginning and I’ve decided to end this blog soon and start with the new one which will be titled Mr. P. art and travels (or mrpartandtravels – depending what will be availiable).
When it will be ready I will publish last post here with all informations about it.

By the way, since I’m in UK last two months a lot of people are impresed about my english but does my english is so good? I don’t think so. Maybe it’s not so bad however the problem is, that a lot of people living in this country doesn’t speak english well even after spending here many years. How this is possible?
My suspections coming to this conclusion – Many of people (I don’t think is most) who comes to UK stick with their people at home, at work, looking for each other in the neighborhood and so on. This simply provide to lack of practice the language of the country you’re coming to. Even writing a simple posts gives you more lingual skills than spending years in the country without practicing your lingual skills.
This is why I think learning any language by writing posts it’s not only possible, it even brings quite good results. There might be some difficulties with spoken language but it comes quick to speak and understand what the others are speak to you.

Have a great sunday 🙂

One quick thought

You can easly find a lot of comparetion videos on youtube between millenials and gen z. There are also some predictions and speculations about generation alpha.
All these things bring me to this question: If technology addicts people so easy, like there’s a lot using of smartphones almost all the time when they’re awake and technology is not developed so much now as it’s going to be within few next decades. Dreams from the past slowly becoming reality of the future or even goes bit forward than expected in some cases. Of course it’s not the same as people used to think about technology and maybe it’s happens later than people thoughted it will but look and compare past to the present and to technology of tomorrow. If someone thinks autonomic cars will be not successful, because people like to drive by themselves, might be in big mistake. It will become just to easy as using of smartphones today at almost on every second of our life. Those who will born with autonomic cars technology and will not know cars that we know today, will probably not miss for this relicts of the past (in general).

What you think about that?

Mongolian Falconry


I can’t capture the photo in better quality. The reasons of that are simple, I don’t have good camera and drawing is small but I’m going to buy bigger paper soon 🙂

Hunting with eagles is a traditional form of falconry found throughout the Eurasian steppe, practiced by Kazakh and Kyrgyz people in contemporary Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, as well as diasporas in Bayan-ÖlgiiMongolia, and XinjiangChina. Though these Turkic people are most famous for hunting with golden eagles, they have been known to train northern goshawks, peregrine falcons, saker falcons, and more.
Text taken from Wikipedia.

How to blogging

I saw many posts with advices how to blogging or tricks how to make your blog more popular etc.
This post will be pretty different than the other posts touching this subject.
At the beginning answer to yourself, why you are (or want) blogging.
If your goal is to have as many followers as possible or plenty of likes, this post is not for you and honestly, you can stop reading at this moment. I don’t want to lose your time and energy.

Blogging is really great tool for many things, you can incrase your writing skills and writing style, learn languages, find new friends, talk with people from around the World, discover different ideas, cultures, cuisines and more.
Blogging can be also kind of therapy or form to confront your ideas with other people (it’s not the same what discovering new ideas).
Now, I’ll try to make a list

1. Be yourself and lead your blog in your way, don’t look on likes, if you are blogging for your own satisfaction, don’t chase for applause.
It’s nice when you see, that people like your blog but in my opinion it’s better, when it’s happens naturally. I’m not saying here, that using community pool or other ways to let people know about your blog is something wrong, however I think it’s good to have distance for chasing after popularity.

2. Be honest. Don’t be afraid to write critical comment, when you feel it. Only keep in mind, that no matter is it critical comment or not, make it constructive. For example of not critical comment – you like some fellow blogger and started reading post which is very long, it’s nothing wrong to say you don’t have enough time to read it to the end.
Lack of time happens to everyone. I would like to read a lot of blogs from the bloggers who I like but I simply don’t have enough time for it. I chose to write instead of reading, because after reading post about blogging tricks I just feel to write it and it’s bit too long for the comment.

3. Show respect. If you want be respected, also respect others. Simple?
How to show respect? By reading posts of other bloggers and gives likes when you really like it. Comment as often as you can. Comments encourage more than likes and shows, that you have read the post. In oder words – treat others like you would like to be treated.
It may not gain you a lot of readers and followers but at least those who are reading your blog can be really interested of your writing.

4. Write short posts. If you want incrase numbers of readers, let yourself to write short posts time to time it allow to read it for those who doeasn’t have much time at the momment but accidently saw your post.

5. Don’t read posts of other people when you don’t want to. Don’t pretend you did read when you didn’t. It doesn’t make sense. There are some people who are interested to writing only and that is absolutelly ok. Some of them are really good in writing, some are not, some of them have a lot of followers, some other not.

6. Don’t lie to yourself. If you are not intrested with some subject, there is really small chance that you will like it later, so you don’t need to follow all who are following you.
For example how big chance is, that I will be interested of which face powder is propriate for my skin… I know that some men are using this stuff, but I’m not interested and there is nothing showing that it will change. However it’s nice when you check who gave you like, comment or following you and let them know about it.

7. Enjoy.
When you like some post/s press like, it’s not hurt or take much time. Sometimes we like the post and can’t find good words for a comment, that’s ok. Sometimes we like only one post on someone’s blog, it’s fine, we don’t need to follow and other people don’t have to follow our blog even when they are reading our blog. Don’t put pressure on yourself or anyone else, just enjoy of writing, reading, blogging.

Have a good time 🙂

British bus drivers

It’s too early to say how it is in whole UK, however in the area where I live bus drivers are easy going people, they can stop the vehicle in any place they want. For example, if you pressed request stop button and driver didn’t notice that, then it’s enough to tell him about this and he will stop the bus to let you out, so you don’t have to wait to go out on the next bus stop. Also when bus valey is busy then next bus will stop near to the bus valey to let you enter.
As I noticed for so long, a lot of them are also nice and have sense of humour, they just seem to have positive attitude.
Is it the same in rest of UK, I have no idea as well as I don’t know how it is in big cities here.
Have a nice day.

Way to victory

Whatever we are going to, we would like to succeed and it’s obvious.
What happens when we don’t know how to do it, being not sure or just being afraid of failure?
Fear of failure seem to be something natural, especially when it’s about something personal or very important for us.
Then we have to realise, that the process of learning is to fall and fall again to succeed one day. How much work we have to do before we will learn something very well?
Doesn’t matter what it is about, excersises, learning of a new language, or anything else
You have to fail many times, to win.
So keep on trying.
Have a nice day.