The cult of body

I’m looking back in the past and I see, that some things didn’t change so much til present day. We like to think about our selves as inteligent and open minded generation, but how we really are? In ancient Greece people like to admire human body, beautiful proportions and shapes. Even in medival time, people had their definition of a beauty which referred directly to the body. Today we have some competitions where people are chosing most beautiful man or woman, but only in context of the body.
If I will treat my body as a temple, shouldn’t I care more of, what this temple is all about?
Aren’t we pay too much attention to our bodies as body by itself?
I know some people, some companies are making good business on it, but there are people suffering because they’re trying to follow after the body cult.
A lot of complexes and some disorders like anorexia can have effort even in adult life.
So what to say, when it’s about childhood or youthful age.
Who you are by your mind, define your value more, than who you are by your body or job. How you are thinking have much more matter than how you look.
Are we so shallow to see only bodies, or can we look deeper and see human?
How far we are from our primal instincts…?


Author: Do it your way

My thoughts often chaoticly presented, about different subjects, given in a form that sometimes require effort to struggle with whole mass of scattered words and probably often changing threads. Lecture of my thoughts is not to be nice and pleasant, it's to encourage reflections and try to take a challenge, to change the perception of everyday life. Moje myśli często przedstawione chaotycznie, poruszają różne tematy, podane w formie wymagającej trochę wysiłku, chociażby żeby przebrnąć, przez całą masę porozrzucanych słów i najprawdopodobniej często zmieniających się wątków. Lektura moich myśli nie ma być miła i przyjemna, ma skłaniać do refleksji i podjęcia próby zmiany postrzegania codziennego życia.

4 thoughts on “The cult of body”

  1. This is an interesting observation indeed. And I like the title you chose for this piece, “The Cult of Body”. The body has become a voyeuristic subject, fetishised beyond anything else. And yes of course, to some extent maybe that is part of who we are (our ‘primal self’ as you called it) but the body is so much more, it is the holder of our entire personality, experiences and choices. To reduce it to something just to beautify is a shame.

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      1. The good old René Descartes also writes extensively on the idea of Mind and Body and why this distinction has become the center of our social reality. “Brain in a vat”, I will look that up. These are important philosophical questions, maybe another post about this? 🙂

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      2. maybe one day, but now my days are filled by work and learning how to be camera man and post production of movies, so that’s why next post will be probably next video.
        However I like to think and asking questions, so this kind of post is only the matter of time 🙂


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