What if…?

Have you ever wondered what would be happen if we had never discovered other continents?
What impact it would have on life and how everything would look today?
But does it possible to not discover other continents or islands with all man kind curiosity?
Probably it had to be happen anyway sooner or later, especially with developing new technologies.


Author: Do it your way

My thoughts often chaoticly presented, about different subjects, given in a form that sometimes require effort to struggle with whole mass of scattered words and probably often changing threads. Lecture of my thoughts is not to be nice and pleasant, it's to encourage reflections and try to take a challenge, to change the perception of everyday life. Moje myśli często przedstawione chaotycznie, poruszają różne tematy, podane w formie wymagającej trochę wysiłku, chociażby żeby przebrnąć, przez całą masę porozrzucanych słów i najprawdopodobniej często zmieniających się wątków. Lektura moich myśli nie ma być miła i przyjemna, ma skłaniać do refleksji i podjęcia próby zmiany postrzegania codziennego życia.

3 thoughts on “What if…?”

  1. True. Another thing I’d like to bring to your attention is that even before the time of dinosaurs (not sure of the exact time line) All the continents were the same one big piece of land called Gondwana, back then, even India shared borders with Africa. Plus if you don’t count the Americas, all other continents are much nearer to each other, so early maritime trade was the main reason for finding of so many new one places. Indian and Chinese goods were exported all the way from the ports of India to Cape of Good Hope in the West (In South Africa) up until Malaysia and Philippines to the east. History is quite interesting to know sometimes.

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    1. History is interesting and useful to avoid a lot of bad “things” and to provide good ones, but why it’s so difficult to realise it in practice?
      Sometimes even thinking like “what if” can help to prepare and prevent from some situations and incrase awareness.

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