Way to victory

Whatever we are going to, we would like to succeed and it’s obvious.
What happens when we don’t know how to do it, being not sure or just being afraid of failure?
Fear of failure seem to be something natural, especially when it’s about something personal or very important for us.
Then we have to realise, that the process of learning is to fall and fall again to succeed one day. How much work we have to do before we will learn something very well?
Doesn’t matter what it is about, excersises, learning of a new language, or anything else
You have to fail many times, to win.
So keep on trying.
Have a nice day.

Author: Do it your way

My thoughts often chaoticly presented, about different subjects, given in a form that sometimes require effort to struggle with whole mass of scattered words and probably often changing threads. Lecture of my thoughts is not to be nice and pleasant, it's to encourage reflections and try to take a challenge, to change the perception of everyday life. Moje myśli często przedstawione chaotycznie, poruszają różne tematy, podane w formie wymagającej trochę wysiłku, chociażby żeby przebrnąć, przez całą masę porozrzucanych słów i najprawdopodobniej często zmieniających się wątków. Lektura moich myśli nie ma być miła i przyjemna, ma skłaniać do refleksji i podjęcia próby zmiany postrzegania codziennego życia.

4 thoughts on “Way to victory”

  1. It’s a bit like that old saying isn’t it? If at first you don’t succeed…try, try again 😊😊 But so true though. It’s usually our failures that learn us more, instead of our successes 😀

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  2. Good post and reminder. We usually forget fear and failure are a ‘natural’ part of success, hence of evolution+growth. Personally, I’m always surprised by my own anxiety and fear when facing something new, and that’s when I’ll try to call myself down by going back to similar moments in the past where fear was just a precursor of change and improvement!

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    1. In my opinion it’s very important to encourage children and youth to deal with fear and anxiety because it have big influence on further life. Some people think, that it will gone in adult life. Well, it’s not always happens and require a lot of work and help to change it and it’s of course connected with self esteem and self confidence which have start in the childhood.

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