The end is near

When I’ve started blogging I was in personal crisis situation and just wanted to throw out some thoughts from my head, to feel some kind of relief. I have to say it really helped me to go thru difficult situation and even brough me more positive things than I’ve expected. As you can imagine, on the beginning I had no plan, no idea about blogging. It wasn’t even blogging, it was just writing. I haven’t even planning to write in english, however since I’ve published first post in english I’ve found readers without community pool and other related things. It’s nice when you see someone, not only read your posts but also like it and I mean really like it, not only press like button. I still don’t care about numbers, maybe because it never was my goal to have penty of likes or followers but it’s nice when you can share your experience with others. The only problem is time or rather lack of time to read as much as I would like to read. Anyway I’m posting and reading time to time, I think I can call myself time to time blogger 😉 and it’s fine for me.
Now when I’m living in UK, I’m starting many things from the beginning and I’ve decided to end this blog soon and start with the new one which will be titled Mr. P. art and travels (or mrpartandtravels – depending what will be availiable).
When it will be ready I will publish last post here with all informations about it.

By the way, since I’m in UK last two months a lot of people are impresed about my english but does my english is so good? I don’t think so. Maybe it’s not so bad however the problem is, that a lot of people living in this country doesn’t speak english well even after spending here many years. How this is possible?
My suspections coming to this conclusion – Many of people (I don’t think is most) who comes to UK stick with their people at home, at work, looking for each other in the neighborhood and so on. This simply provide to lack of practice the language of the country you’re coming to. Even writing a simple posts gives you more lingual skills than spending years in the country without practicing your lingual skills.
This is why I think learning any language by writing posts it’s not only possible, it even brings quite good results. There might be some difficulties with spoken language but it comes quick to speak and understand what the others are speak to you.

Have a great sunday 🙂

Author: Do it your way

My thoughts often chaoticly presented, about different subjects, given in a form that sometimes require effort to struggle with whole mass of scattered words and probably often changing threads. Lecture of my thoughts is not to be nice and pleasant, it's to encourage reflections and try to take a challenge, to change the perception of everyday life. Moje myśli często przedstawione chaotycznie, poruszają różne tematy, podane w formie wymagającej trochę wysiłku, chociażby żeby przebrnąć, przez całą masę porozrzucanych słów i najprawdopodobniej często zmieniających się wątków. Lektura moich myśli nie ma być miła i przyjemna, ma skłaniać do refleksji i podjęcia próby zmiany postrzegania codziennego życia.

2 thoughts on “The end is near”

  1. Phew…for a moment there you had me worries that you would quit blogging when you started saying that you were going to end this blog. But you will start a new one, which is good! 😊 Needless to say, I will of course follow that one as well. Looking forward to it, and have a great sunday yourself! 😀

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