T1000 helicopter scene

T1000 helicopter scene in a little bit different version

enjoy 🙂


Project Kamasutra 101: Sexual Awareness

Kamasutra 101 is a project, that had appeared in my head to help people to incrase sexual awareness. Sex and all connected topics are uncomfortable subjects and still a taboo in many places. How many parents takes the weight of conversation about sexual education, when so many times it’s even hard to talk about sex and sexuality for adult people in relationship.
Without support from parents teenagers will look for other ways, which in many cases means the internet. How many times teenagers are looking for educational sources about sex and sexuality on the internet you can simply answear to yourself and how many times they are looking for porn?
Well I don’t think, that watching porn is the best way to learn about sex, relationship, sexual diseases etc.
Educational sites are often not interesting not only for young people but also for adults, who also have problems with this topic. Even when someone find educational sites about sex and relatives, you cannot be sure of sources and qualifications of the author.
This is why for this project I will look for specialists like sexologists, medicine doctors, psychologists and looking for confirmed sources.
I would also invite volunteers for translating articles and for other help.
Very important help is to judge what can be interesting, what can get attention, what is currently on top today etc.
What I want to project kamasutra 101 contents:
(it’s not enough just to say sexual awareness and please keep in mind it’s for everyone in any age)
encouragement for open discussion about intimacy
-growing up (which can be difficult as much for girls as for boys)
-sexual preferences (which is very important for happy relationship and health)
-sexual problems
-sexual diseases (many people still don’t know the risk etc.)
-health problems (cancer etc.)
-sexuality in old age
-informations what kind of help and where this help is available (in which country and language. This is why I want to include people from around the World and make this project international source of help)
There will be for sure more things as this is very first shape of this project.

Who will denied that sex and sexuality are important factors in human life?
Also sexual awareness can help (at least partialy) to protect children from pedophilia.
Yes, it’s  big and ambitious project, that’s why I’m looking for help. I know, that I will be unable to do all this by myself, but when more people will find interest and part of their time then we can help to lots of people.
For all those who would like to help me to bring this project to live and for cooperation, don’t be shy and let me know 🙂
Also please let me know, what you think about this idea.

Have a nice day and take care.

Classic Christmas family movie

How should look good family movie?
I’m not so sure, but I know one Xmas family movie, which is now consider as the classic film…
Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you, well known to almost everyone:
Home Alone.
Made almost 30 years ago and a lot of people still watching it around Christmas time.
It’s amazing.
I’m learning how to make movies (since few days ago) so I took few clips from this nice family entertainment, ad some nice music and here it is, mycinematographic debut 😉

Have a nice day 🙂

Ponte del Diavolo

The problem with bright drawings is, that camera cannot capture real image of it. Best drawings for pictures should be filled by strong contrast. Anyway this is the my latest drawing, made in may/june 2017.
Ponte del Diavolo, Cividale del Friuli, Italy.

There is one more interesting drawing made one year ago, but I don’t have a picture of it at the moment, but I hope to get it soon.