Mongolian Falconry


I can’t capture the photo in better quality. The reasons of that are simple, I don’t have good camera and drawing is small but I’m going to buy bigger paper soon 🙂

Hunting with eagles is a traditional form of falconry found throughout the Eurasian steppe, practiced by Kazakh and Kyrgyz people in contemporary Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, as well as diasporas in Bayan-ÖlgiiMongolia, and XinjiangChina. Though these Turkic people are most famous for hunting with golden eagles, they have been known to train northern goshawks, peregrine falcons, saker falcons, and more.
Text taken from Wikipedia.

Ponte del Diavolo

The problem with bright drawings is, that camera cannot capture real image of it. Best drawings for pictures should be filled by strong contrast. Anyway this is the my latest drawing, made in may/june 2017.
Ponte del Diavolo, Cividale del Friuli, Italy.

There is one more interesting drawing made one year ago, but I don’t have a picture of it at the moment, but I hope to get it soon.


First thing which appear in my head when I hear sunflowers (when it’s about art) it’s Van Gogh’s sunflowers, the second thing is: another Van Gogh’s sunflowers reproduction.
This what we have here is kind of a tribute to Vincent Van Gogh, but also a little joke, because it’s not a copy, not even a painting, it’s drawing and it’s kept in different composition and style and finaly it’s another experimental drawing.
Main message of this picture is: the circle of life.
No matter is it about us, the poeple or animals or plants it’s time to born, grow, give new seeds (or not), get old and leave the place for the next generation and so on.