Does pretty girls have easier in life?

Wha experience as a man, I can have to talk about this?
Well, as a man, none. Even as a girl may be not enough.
But as a pretty sexy girl… I didn’t have to wait long time to see how it is.
How could I check this? In easiest possible way, I’ve created account on facebook.
Fake account with sexy girl in the profile picture and it was enough to post one comment which was “The devil is not so black, as he is painted” to incrase facebook friends from 0 to over 100 in just few hours. On that account I’m receiving countless messages, sexual messages from men. From men who sent invitation to become their friends and they have not idea who I am. There are also a lot of girls and women who send me invitation, fortunatelly, girls are not texting sexual messages to me. It may be really annoing when is happening in real life, real person. The communication about new message are beeping all the time and that’s not nice messages, most of them are just rude.
The other question is, why you send invitation to person who you don’t know?
Facebook is a strange place but people can be really scary.
Let’s go back to the main question, does pretty girls have easier in life?
Well from perspective of a fake facebook account, all those people are doing a lot of things what I’m asking for, but this is not because they are so nice, they want something in exchange, like naked picture, date, or panties, yes you see good, there are even men who are asking to send them my panties. They could be in shock when they will recive my real pants…
Why people are like that? Why men are so primal? Why they think about sex, when they only see a nice face? there is nothing sexual on this account, only a picture of a face, so wtf is wrong with them? I’m talking about people from around of the World and account is not even in english.
You know what, I’ve never done anything like that, as well as many other men, but no matter if you are gentleman or not, because of this kind behaviour, all men are in the one bag.
Now is not surprising for me, why girls/women so often saying: men think only about sex.
Now, with this new experience, I’m affraid, that if I will look on a girl or woman and just smile, not even say anything, or not even smiling, just look, then I’m already thinking about sex with her, in her mind. But of course I can not be sure of that although I have new experience I still cannot judge does it easier to be a pretty girl, but it’s really tiring.
At least I have new perspective, to see a little bit how it is from a girl point of view.

Respect each other and think before you send invitation to someone who you don’t know, you may be not only surprised but also you can bring troubles to yourself. It’s very easy to recive personal information by social media, which should be kept only for you.
Don’t be shy to leave comment, I’m interested to hear your opinion.
Have a nice day.


New Year’s list…

New Year seem to be a great moment to make a list of things to do, or things to avoid, to set challanges to ourselves etc. My suggestion is: find your last “New Year’s list” and check how many point from that list you’ve maid. If you completed all, it’s probably great and you can be proud of you, but if you did not, then it’s may be a good idea to find out why you didn’t completed your own list. Sometimes it’s good to write your goals with smaller points and do it day by day. Even when you put this list on the wall, after few days/weeks it will become a part of wall and nothing more, so it’s good to refresh it often.
Find out what is really important for you and what was important for you a year ago and two years ago and so on, to find out what is really important and how our priorities are changing.

Happy New Year, but not only this one day after New Year’s Eve, but the whole year 2018.

Happy New Year
Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku
Gelukkig nieuwjaar
Felice anno nuovo
नया साल मुबारक हो
Godt nytt år
Frohes neues Jahr
Bonne année
С новым годом

Shrinking food

Have you guys noticed, that time to time food producers are deciding to shrink their products? The latest example is the chocolate, before big chocolate was 300g now is 270g of course with the same price as before. Regular chocolate before had 100g, now it’s 90g and also keep the same price. Maybe 10% is not a lot, but what is this for?
Choclate is of course not the only example, before it was butter shrinked from 250g to 200g (which is 20% of previous weight) and some other articles.
I guess they just care about us, about our health and weight control, smaller product with higher price should help us to keep fit what often is the goal of our times.
Thanks to all producer who care so much about me and the other people, I really appreciate this.

I’ve also deided to make some changes and to nut put everything here on this blog, yesterday I’ve opened a new blog where I will upload my videoclips productions and maybe drawings time to time and this one will be to write my thoughts and maybe some personal things and journeys.

New blog:

Merry Christmas!

A few words before next drawing

I would like to show you all my drawings in order from the oldest one, but I don’t have all of it or I don’t have some of them on the pictures. Anyway I still have few to put on the blog. I never was in the school of art or anything like this. All I was doing was drawing, drawing more drawing and books reading. I’ve started drawing because I’ve always liked paintings of great masters of art like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michaelangelo Buonarotti or Peter Paul Rubens. I knew that I cannot have their works but I thought that I can make a copy of my favourites paintings. This is also why I’ve never look for my style or anything like that, it simply wasn’t my goal 🙂 Drawing a copy of your favourite painting is not only joyful because you can hang it on the wall but it also bring great satisfaction, that you are able to do something look similar to the one of the greatest art work.
If someone want to ask me why I never had ambition to go on university of art or to find my own style, here’s the answear.
I’ve never was in any university just because I hadn’t enough self confidence and self esteem to believe in myself. That’s the only reason.
And you can treat this as excuse but it’s hard to have self confidence and self esteem when all people around you make you feel like you are not worthy including family and teachers. Kids can be cruel and this is not surprising, they are often not aware of what they are doing or what their words can do to the others. However when teacher is telling to a child something like he is not worthy to get a better education or something like this, shouldn’t be a teacher.
Some people have strong self confidence and self esteem even when everyone and everything seem to be against them and this is amazing for me.
Well I simply wasn’t like this. Fortunately today I have distance to myself and the things which are happening in my life and around the World
Self distance is real blessing which helps to know your limits, your weaknesses, to find your strength.

Global motivation

I see a lot of posts and articles or videos on internet about motivation and it wouldn’t be anything special if I will look for it. I’ve started to think, why people around the World look so much for motivation and inspiration? Why do we lack of it so much?
Isn’t because we don’t feel valuable enough? Is this the reason why people are placing their pictures on so many sites with hope that others will like it? Is it the way to increase self judgement?
People are reckless and cruel sometimes, they simply have no idea what harm can be done by word.
Word can’t hurt physicly, but word is a mighty tool and only from us depends how it will be used. It’s easy to hurt our psychic by using word, which shows how fragile we are.
It is because we look at ourselves and the others as categories (better/worse) instead of just different. We can measure, we can count and we can judge which easily lead us to judge that something is better or worse, higher or lower, etc. This is what we are learning from the very early days of our life. We can judge but we can also be judged.
You have the right to be different, as long it will not hurt the others it’s not worse or better, just be yourself.
If you are looking for motivation, patience and persistence are very important, because you can do a lot of things, but many of them will not come immediately.

As Ovidius said:
“Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force but through persistence.”

Only make sure that all you are doing to achieve your goal is right. If not, then you may found out one day, that you are wasting your time.
Sometimes we desire to achieve our goal so much, that we can confuse persistence with stubbornness. To achieve your goal use the right tools in the right way.

And now it’s time for the question of the day, which is….
Why my motivational posts sucks?
Because they are not filled with silly optimism, because I’m not the one who will tell you “you can do whatever you want”. No you can’t.
I’m the one who will tell you consider your goals and the way to achieve it.
Don’t try to crush the wall by using your head, use your head to crush the wall.
End of preach.
Have a nice day.

Deszczowy dzień/ A rainy day

Kiedyś, dawno temu, prawdopodobnie jadąc autobusem napisałem coś takiego:

W dzień deszczowy jak dziś
wszystko jest bardziej szare
nie chce się robić nic
a jednak chcę żeby padało dalej

bo lubię sobie patrzeć
jak każda kropla spada
jak deszcz chce ślady zatrzeć
w kałuże wzrok mój wpada

w niej tańczą wszystkie krople
każda inaczej skacze
choć wszystko wokół jest mokre
zawsze wygląda to inaczej…

A long time ago, probably when I was traveling by the bus, I had written this:

On a rainy day like today
everything is more gray
I do not want to do anything
but I want it to continue raining

because i like to look
as each single drop is falling
as the rain wants to wash the traces
in the puddle my sight is falling

all the drops are dancing in it
each bounce in other way
although everything around is wet
it’s never look the same …

Have a nice day 🙂