The greatest achievement of mankind

Since many centuries great minds of our World, was thinking and teaching about morality, life and living. Civilization was developing, we was learning about rules of the world and life. After thousands of years, what do we have today? What we really achieved during this time? What the civilization is all about? We call ourselves civilized, but what really does it mean? Is it mean, that we are able to make buildings, vechicles and other machines? How much do we know? We consider ourselves as so awesome, because we know so much, we can answer for so many questions… What questions, how many?
Maybe after thousands of years, the greatest achievement of civilization should be humility? How about that?
Instead, we stayd same primitive, as we were before the beginning of our great civilization. I’m talking about global civilization, no matter how much developed it is.
Civilization seem to be only about our ability to build structures and machines, developing technology, but what about our behaviour? Someone can tell me, our behaviour changed a lot during this time, we don’t do many thing people did in the past, which is so true. Only the question is, why we behave so reckless in everyday life?
We shouldn’t be smarter? Have we really achieved so much?
Greed, power, corruption, fear, hate, wars, destruction, mindlessness are signs of all times I’ve heard about. It’s also signs of present life.
Are we able to go beyond?
Recent and still actual case about refugees. The question is why situation like this is possible in modern civilized world? why we still have wars, hunger, terror, why do we have to be afraid of eachother? Is this so great achievement of civilization?
I’m not the right person to touch this case, because I don’t know about it, but I’m thinking about this and similar situations from the past. Few days ago I was reading one post, which have touching this case. I have to confes, that I didn’t dig for informations, to find out how it was during WWII and refugee situations, I only wonder about behaviour of refugees during that times and their demands to the host countries. I’ve heard about appreciation and thankfulness, gratefulness of refugees to host countries. From the other hand, I didn’t heard about rapes, slaughtering, killing, terrorizing and demands raised by WWII refugees to host countries. It’s possible, that I simply need to dig for informations to find out it is natural, that people running away from war bring all these things with them and no one had nothing against it. Or maybe refugees from WWII didn’t behave this way? I don’t know. Or maybe, they just politely adjusted to the law and manners of the state to which they escaped. As I said before, I have no idea how it was at that time.
It can be consider as disrespectful, to touch the topic you have no idea about it, but it’s just quick and spontanous thoughts appeared in my head.
I don’t want to make this post provocative and controversal, but there are some thoughts I want to share.
If someone is helping me, then I’m not saying “you should do this”,”I want more”, “I’m not going to eat your food” or “you should do what I want” especially when I was asking for help. If I will not ask for help, it’s a little bit diferent. Then I can even refuse anyone to help me, because I wasn’t asking for it. But if I did, then I’m obliged to adjust, which doesn’t mean to lose my values and honor.
This example is easy for parents: If you have children, you won’t let anybody to your home, because you think about safety of your children first. So if you have any suspicions, that in the group of people asking you to let them sleep or live in your house, might be someone dangerous, but you don’t know who exactly, will you let them in?
But there is something much more serious, than arguing about refugees case.
Refugees are an effect of this what governments are leading to, which are wars and hunger, greed, craving power instead of taking care about people.
They all (or most of governments) takes care only in necessary minimum to keep their positions. It’s even not taking care, it’s more like, they do what they have to do, to keep the power, they simply don’t mind about people. I know it’s generalizing, which may be harmful for those, who are really trying to do something positive, but that’s the way it is.
fear and lack of knowledge can lead to hatred, which may lead to violence, which can lead to agression and finally to war. What war brings, I don’t have to say, it’s just to obvious. Of course wars basing not only on hate, fear or protection of your country, it’s also quite often based on greed.
I’m thinking, what will happen when we will be able to colonize other planets?
Can you imagine what kind of wars it may provide? Can you imagine interplanetary wars? What kind of weapons we will use? Are people are smart enough to avoid it?
I think, it’s just to hard for now, but for now it’s to difficult to colonize anything out in space.
The only solution is to stop fighting. Are we, as a mankind, are we able to do it?
Even if in the future will be world peace, for how long it will last? It will be very fragile.
Selfcontrol is very difficult for people. How easily we becoming angry? How many things are anoying for us? How respectful we are for each other?
Does people are able to respect diferences between each other?
We never gonna be the same. There is no option for total agreement, there will be no one common language neither religion or philosophy. There will be always differences.
I don’t believe, that people are able to live in peace, but it will not stop me, to not do my best. It will not stop me to trying. It will not stop me to becoming better.
People now are so much about, to not hurting anyone feelings, that sometimes it’s leading to absurds and hurts even more.
I was raised on lies and I contempt  all those who care so much about my feelings, that they are lying to me, or not telling me anything. It will only increas my harm, when I will find out, about this. What about honesty? It seem, that honesty became immoral today.
We cannot call a lier, someone who is lying, we cannot call a killer, someone who killed other person, because we can induce public outrage.
It doesn’t mean, that feelings of other people are not important, it doesn’t mean to not care.
In other words: hpnesty and distance to yourself, recomended, as well as humility and patience. No one is perfect and we should remember about this.
It require a lot of work on ourselves and I know, that people are lazy, but I wonder, does some of them are idiots, or they just don’t think? This is not about those with any kind of disorders, but sometimes you can meet a person, which seem to be able to think, to lead conversations, to work etc. But when it comes to any dialogue or you see how this person is behaving, then you asking yourself: What is wrong with this person?
Freedom is not real, because no one is really free, everyone and everything is depending from something.
Everything is a chain reaction and it’s best explanation, why there is no freedom. In other words, every cause produce an effect. Everything is happen for a reason, isn’t?
Or maybe it’s just an effect of something what had happened?
We cannot do anything we like, because we have to count with others and consecquences of our actions.
Myabe it would be easier if we will live on bigger areas, more separated from each other. Maybe then we will be more calm and more happy if we will see anybody once a week. When we miss someone, it’s much more nice, to meet this person. So if we will miss for people in general, maybe this will provide peace…
But I’m not convinced to this idea, I don’t think it could really works.
The other obstacle is the system. We all are living in some kind of system and we have to adjust to it. All or most systems are based on valuing money.
Money are worthless, it have only given value. The only value of money, is our agreement to accept it as an exchange source. If you wnat to check the real value of it, go into the wild. Value of money is like time, both doesn’t really exist, but it doesn’t bother us to use it. We are using it both, money and time to define easier something what makes problems for us to imagine it, similar like with  infinity, we know what does it mean, but it’s hard to imagine it.
This valuing money systems, may also leading to wars.
Who want war? If you answered nobody, you are wrong.
There are some people on this World, who can crave for bloodshed, but I don’t know any.
But I know people covered by fear, which make them behaviour based on strong primal emotions. Most people want lo live in peace, provide their own life nice, simple and calm, even those, who like to incrase their adrenaline level.

The global peace seem to be the greatest mankind achievement. The only problem is, that it’s not achieved yet and probably it will never be. Even if this is immpossible (and it’s not true,that nothing is immpossible. There are immpossible things. There might be things we cannot do today, because of some reasons, but there are also things, which are just immpossible), it doesn’t mean we don’t have to try, to make this World a better place to live. It’s also worth to try, to make our life better. So what it’s gonna be perfect? Does it have to be?
Back to the track, required things which might be necessary for world peace, in myopinion are: humility (not humiliation), distance to ourselves, calm, honesty, selfrespect and respect to each other and logic thinking, which lead to understanding.
I’m changing by myself and my point of view may change as well. But this is what I’m thinking about greatest achievement of mankind at this moment.
At the end, I have to mention, that I can point these few things leading to this great goal. This is all about, what to do, but the right question is how to do it and I have no idea how to do it. As I mentioned before, I don’t think it’s possible at all. It’s an utopian idea. Does it worth to go this direction? Or maybe is better to quit and provide the life we know in the World we know?

One more time I couldn’t sit down and write this in one time, so I was losing the threads and couldn’t remind it. I hope it’s not confusing too much.

I’m not afraid of criticism and any unfavorable comments, will not be removed. I’m only asking to watch your language in the comments.


Am I just writing a trailer of new post?

I’m always writing spontanously and quickly to not my thoughts go away, but this time, with topic I’m thinking about, I don’t want to just touch the case and leave it.
I’m really serious aout that, even if I don’t think is possible for people to achieve it.
What is it all about, you will find out soon, only I have to think much more, to not make it another shallow post. My problem with blogging is, that I don’t have enough time, to sit down and wrote what is on my mind. I have only few minutes and when I’m starting to work or have to go away from writing from any reason, I’m simply forgetting my thoughts line. Making notes doesn’t help at all, it’s like: ok, I remember this idea but those notes are not similar to the way I’m thinking about the same case anymore.
I was wondering long time before I decided to write about it.
It’s not about lack of faith in it, it’s about seeing much greater minds was trying, but it didn’t worked. It seem, that human nature and primal instincts are stronger than higher ideas and ability of understanding. Reason will always lose with emotions?
I hope to write it during weekend, when the huge part of it is already prepared.
Take care.

Time traveling post

Internet is the place where yesterday meets tomorrow, my head is the place where are squeezed all the thoughts, which just trying to run away from my mind, all at same time. Thoughts always appear spontanously and trying to escape and I’m trying to catch it all in posts, but it’s just impossible. When I’m writting, another thought is running out. I’m losing sense, trying to go back, but I can’t. I look in the past, bringing all memories once again to the present… Present is running, I can’t catch it. Does anyone can? Try to hold it for a moment, it’s just passed. Where do we live? In present? Do we live now? What is now, it’s just gone, already gone, is not anymore.
I’m sending this post into future. When it’s sent, future turn into past… Where is now? When is now? It’s just gone, already gone, today…
Hello tomorrow.
Goodbye yesterday…

Questions vs Answers

Hello everyone, I would like to invite you for a open discussion.
The topic is: does questions are better than answers?
It may look silly, but I can assure you, there is a deeper meaning.
Just a short post for good discussion, I hope.

Cloud of despair

When something happened in our life, what make us desparates it lead us to unusual behavior. We may think, that we act normally and there is nothing strenge in it, but everything we do while beeing desparate is just too much. When we are trying to do something desperatly, people start to stay out from us. It’s like spreading some kind of aura around us, which people can feel subconciously. For people, which we trying to get any kind of relation, connected with the reason of our despair, may be seem like we act unpredictable from one side, so they don’t want to be involved in anything what can cost them some troubles. From the other hand, beeing desperate is like having dark clouds above the head, spreading bad emotions, which people treat like disease, so they just wan’t to stay away from it, just to avoid to let it happen to them.
When we are joyful, happy and keep on smiling, people react positive. They don’t know why we are cheering, but it doesn’t matter, because it’s good and they want feel it too.
People prefer to stay with those in good mood, instead of those in bad mood.
Of course there are some people which may be intersted to help you while you are in despair, but it won’t take long, when they reach out their empathy and patience.
Some people, which decided to help you, will do what they can, not to make you achieve, what you ask them for, but anything they can to make you feel at least normal and to meke them feel, that they gave help, which also make them feel good, like “I’m good person, I’ve done right thing”.
Whatever is the reason of your desperation, you have to deal with it and move on, because from one side, no one really care about it, it’s your problem and empathy is temporary. Especially, that empathy is often abused by some people, who are just trying to cheat as many people as possible, to get their money, what decrease level of empathy.
This kind of disappointments may lead to dehumanize of societies, because we becoming less emotional on what is happening around and just use to the informations of bad and fake things happening all the time.
A little bit better is when people are cheated on positive but still fake informations.
But, what will happen, when people will be depraived of empathy, symapthy and all positive and negative emotions?
It seem, that joy is unlimited, but does it?
Even if not, it can be restored, people craving to be happy, want to feel good. What if they will lost hope to be happy?
Is it possible at all?
If we look on people in terrible situations, like during war, they were still able to smile and do things, some small things just to make small smile.
It may lead to a conclusion, that in a good times, we don’t need much to fall into despair and during hard times, we are able to joy from small things. But is it roght?
Circumstances are strongly affecting on our behaviour and needs. Depending from situation, we care about more primal needs more or less.
What it have to do with desperation? Well, when some situation concern one person, it is more possible, that this person will fall into despair, than when it’s about whole society, where it’s more about the change of life conditions.

Why do we need conversations?

Wherever I see people leading conversations, it’s often talking about something what is not really important. It’s even not about getting advice, more often it’s about complaining or just talking about something, what no one care about, it’s even not sharing informations. Information is something what we can use or kind of knowledge. How to call something what we have nothing to do with this. For example, what someone was eating today, where and with who. Why do we need to hear about it? Does anyone is really interested about it? Maybe it’s about empathy and empathy is something important in social life. It seem, that even talking about nothing important, what we cannot call sharing of informations, is like creating closer relations.
When we put two persons speaking in different languages, in most cases they will try to communicate in any possible way. In situations like this is often happening, that this two persons are talking in own languages, slower and louder than normally, also using their hands gesture to help in understanding, what they want to say. Need of conversation seem to be very strong and subconcious.
In usual situations we don’t talk to strangers, as long we have no reason to do so.
It’s interesting, we have strong need to talk and to share almost everything what happend to us, but only with those people, who are related with us (family, friends, colleagues).
Also interesting is talking by cellphone about personal cases, in public space. Usually we want to keep “safe distance” in public space and do not enter strangers into our comfort zone, but some people seem to not have any problem to share private informations in public places.
The other interesting fact is, some people doesn’t feel the need of conversation or sharing their private things with others. It can have source in childhood or nature of this person.

Run or fight, or…

Run or fight is a popular conception, sometimes is developed by third option, which is stay.  Some animals stay in shock, some other stay to pretend dead. But does it all possible options? What if there is a forth option? Which we can call don’t panic. I agree, that is very important to react as fast as possible in many situations, but sometimes too fast may be so wrong. Subconscious decisions or learned reactions may lead to bad consequences. Isn’t right to make best decision as fast as possible? To do that, we need a while, it may be few seconds, sometimes more, but it can save us or others.
Stay calm, open your mind and make right choice what is best to do in the situation is happening. You cannot predict all situation can happen and how you will react, but you can learn how to control the stress. What we can do, is to experience stressful situations as an excercises of selfcontrol, which can be helpful for us as much as for others.