The cult of body

I’m looking back in the past and I see, that some things didn’t change so much til present day. We like to think about our selves as inteligent and open minded generation, but how we really are? In ancient Greece people like to admire human body, beautiful proportions and shapes. Even in medival time, people had their definition of a beauty which referred directly to the body. Today we have some competitions where people are chosing most beautiful man or woman, but only in context of the body.
If I will treat my body as a temple, shouldn’t I care more of, what this temple is all about?
Aren’t we pay too much attention to our bodies as body by itself?
I know some people, some companies are making good business on it, but there are people suffering because they’re trying to follow after the body cult.
A lot of complexes and some disorders like anorexia can have effort even in adult life.
So what to say, when it’s about childhood or youthful age.
Who you are by your mind, define your value more, than who you are by your body or job. How you are thinking have much more matter than how you look.
Are we so shallow to see only bodies, or can we look deeper and see human?
How far we are from our primal instincts…?

Ice cream diet

Great solution for those, who like sweets. If you are beware of your body weight, but cannot live without a little pleasure like a chocolate, cookies, cakes or any other sweets, ice cream seems to be good deal for you. What is important, ice cream are not mixture of fat and carbohydrates as much as all sweets mentioned before, what makes them less weight gain. Also, ice cream are less rich in calories than mentioned sweets, what also matters. It’s good when ice cream you are about to chose, are made from natural ingredients. However ice cream may look better as a replacement of other sweets, remember it’s only kind of dessert, not a full-fledged meal. Instead of ice cream, you may use fruits, which are more healthy with all theirs vitamns and minerals. You can even put fruits into fridge or freezer for a while and have nice chilling and juicy dessert.
Have a nice day.

Greatness of bananas

Perhaps June with World premiere of “Despicable me 3” was better time to write about bananas, but this post have nothing to do with the movie.
Some of you may know, that I like traveling, but you didn’t know yet, that I’m not drinking coffee at all. I’m waking up early and never drink coffee. I’m driving car all night long and I’m not drinking coffee. Instead of coffee I’m eating bananas and using suplement called glutamine, which help to regenerate.
Why bananas? Well, bananas have a lot of potassium (more than tomatoe) and magnesium, phosphorus, also contain vitamins and it’s a natural source of it, so I think it’s more easy to digest than all the same minerals from pills.
Also bananas are easy to take with you in a journey and easy to eat when you’re driving etc.
It helps when you are tired, but when you feel it’s not helping, or when you feel coffee is not helping, it’s better to stop the car and go to sleep, even for 15-30 minutes.
It’s much safer for you and other people at road.

My big little journey

I like to travel, especially with the car, it makes me feel free. I can go when and where I want, admire changing views from car window. For me the best is the long journey into unknown places, which are not popular for turists. But it’s not like I’m going straight ahead no matter where. I’m always planning my journies and looking for interesting places on map. What is interesting, all these places turn out to be interesting. I’m also lucky if it’s about the food, I always meets nice and tasty cuisine, or maybe I simply have no big demads when it’s about it. From the other hand some people says I am. o I guess, I’m just lucky to find good places. After one thousand miles journey, even if I’m tired, I’m also glad. Each new places means new point of view, new thoughts, new perspective, new experience.
Unfortunately, in this year it’s impossible for me to go anywhere. I don’t even have a car, so it’s makes this little bit more difficult. But last sunday I was so lucky to borrow car and go on my biggest journey of this year! 40km away from the place I live…
It’s not far, but it was enough to make me feel like on my others big journies.
Sometimes even small thing, can bring big satisfaction.
Sometimes small thing, can make a big difference.
Have a nice day.

I’m tired

No matter what I’ll write, how I will provoke, people here like it or not reacting. Is it so unique society here? Why it cannot be on entire World like this? What is wrong with the people? I really have enough of stupidity and other lower instincs, which leading to conflicts.

Nobody likes me

Todays World is so much about being nice to the others, that it’s sometimes make people to lie to you straight in your face. All because not hurting someone else feelings. That is so great. When is something wrong, I want to know about it and when I realise, that nobody told me nothing, I’m thinking “what is wrong with all those people”
Sometimes I think, honesty have lost its value.
Asking people for honesty may cause you will hear something, what you don’t want to hear. However, being honest, doesn’t mean to be rude, but also you don’t have to behave like a “sweet pussycat”, afraid to hurt someone’s feelings. It’s really not about it. Be honest, but also think.
Today’s people are like “keep on smiling” society, yeah everything is cool. Well, not, it isn’t.
Somebody ask you how he/she look in some clothes, is good to say how it really is.
If someone is wrong about soething and you know about it, why not to tell him about it?
Is it better to let him make mistake? Of course we are learning on mistakes, but without making mistakes we are also able to learn.
It’s happening even here, where people are writing and reading everyday. You may think, they have to be smart people. So look at comments sections. Most of it is like encouragement and agreement. It’s make me not sure, does people are really reading?
But I don’t know, maybe it’s something wrong with me.
Am I the only one who wnat discussion instead of sweetening?