Just a little update

Last few months my thoughts was focused on something else than writing or reading.
The different thing is lack of time, which dosent mean I was so busy with work, no. I just made a decision to spend time in other way, trying to do new things and I found it as something positive. Now, after this short (or long) brake maybe I will finally be back here time to time but little bit more often than in last few months.

In next few days/weeks I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you to find out how are you my friends.
Have a great day and keep your heads up 🙂


Work it out

I’m busy now to gather all required informations that I need for “Millennium review” which seem to be a really long read post I have also one short one for now.
It’s not a discovery but I think it’s worth to mention about this. We are still around Valentine’s Day so for some people it may mean different things maybe some of you are trying to make yourself look better and so on and here comes my thought, especially when you are around middle age and decied to go on the gym or back to your workout routine after a break. There is good news for you. You can still look good and attractive but does it really matter? Some people and companies are trying to conince us to take care about our bodies to look better, to feel better and finally to be happy thankfully by going at the gym etc.
Well, what I think about this?
Workout and diet can make you look better and incrase your health but it’s important to be happy of doing it, not doing it to be happy.
Don’t treat workout as unpleasant duty, enjoy your workout, take a pleasure from it.
Body is just a vessel of this what you carry inside, like: stomach, intestines, liver, lungs, heart, mind, your thoughts, dreams, your personality, that’s your beauty.

Have a nice day and enjoy the smallest momments of the day 🙂