Quick tip how to make a perfect date

If you’re going to prepare dinner for your date here I have few tips for you.
It doesn’t matter what kind of dish or cuisine you are going to cook, only aphrodisiacs really counts. To make the best impress add fresh ginger to your meal mix it with horseradish, fresh chilli, do not be sparing with it, add wasabi, garlic and serve warm.
You can also add some onion but it will be best to put it aside on the other plate as a decoration. You may also cut shape of heart from this fresh onion to make it more romantic.
You don’t have to wait long to see how much she/he will be touched by this sensual dinner. Probably she/he will cry like a baby this is how strong feelings you can make by cooking dinner date by yourself.
If you want me to write any other tip about date or anything else feel free to let me know about it 🙂
Have a nice day and great date 🙂


Winter Sea

A few years ago short circuit damaged the disk in my computer, so I’ve lost all the pictures. I have to say, that I had a lot of pictures of Poland which I would like to show you. Fortunately I reminded to myself, that some of them I was sending to my friends via email and here it is 🙂
Pictures of Baltic Sea made in winter with analog camera around 17-18 years ago.

In Poland you can often see, that the beach is separeted from town by forest which takes almost whole longitude of the coast.

This forest is not very wide and it’s from 100meters in some places to around 1km in another places.

Most of the beaches are sandy and only in few places you can meet the rocky ones.

There is nothing new, that beach can be wide one day to be taken by the Sea next day in big part. But usually, there is no problem with space.

Water temperature in general is not as warm as Mediterranean Sea. However it temperature can reach 25C in July.

During winter water in the Sea is not freezing and no, we don’t have Polar Bears in Poland 😉

You also won’t meet any penguins here…

…or any other Arctic animals 🙂

Instead at almost wholelengitude of the coast you can see dunes, which are under protection and you should no climb on them.

On the opposite coast is Sweden and I hope to find pictures from Norway and Sweden which are little bit fresher (made only 14 years ago but still by using analog camera).

As I mentioned before you can’t climb on dunes which doesn’t mean, that you can’t go there at all. There are some places where you can find entrance on the road to the baech or you can get there through the forest.

Sunset would more picturesque but sun hiding behind the clouds also brings some charm.

Here we have 2in1 probably because it was quite cold film in the camera didn’t moved properly…

Here is the river Piasnica which was the Polish-German border til 1939.

An estuary is where the river meets the Sea and it’s changing each year…

At least swamps are still in the same location 😉

Day is short at winter, so it’s good to not stuck in the swamp area. If during day time you have to becarreful where you put your foot, after dusk it’s becoming dangerous, so it’s better to go back to the hotel room and drink hot chocolate to warm up after all day of walking 🙂

I hope you did enjoy.
Have a nice day 🙂

Being attractive

It’s enough to put the word “attractive” to make thoughts to go on some track and forget about, that attractive comes from attract, attraction, force of attratcion and so on.
After publicizing “I’ve become superman!” post I was surprised how many people opened it. I don’t know what made it so attractive to readers, title or featured image which is the warning about explict lyrics. Ok, you may say it’s not so many visitors I had, but for me after one post it was probably more than any other post I’ve wrote.
So I wonder what is more attractive – being superman or explict lyrics warning 😀
Sorry if current title was deceptive, I only want to check does this featured image will attract people. If not, that will probably mean it was superman 😉
By the way, do you remember which of your post was so much attractive to other readers and you didn’t expected at all?
Thank you for your attention, sorry for lack of explict lyrics and have a nice day 🙂

I’ve become superman (update)

I could write it like this:
Dear ladies, only because your man show you respect, attention and how much he care about you only prooves his love however it doesn’t mean, that hehave no balls.
Maybe this is enough but I like to develop my thoughts a little bit more.
So here I will bring a few examples.
Some of examples may not fit perfectly because they are taken straight from my life it may be used for any of sides, no matter is it man or woman.
This is why I will use term partner.

When your partner is going in the middle of the night to drugstore only because you catched cold it only shows how your partner care about you.

When your partner quits from meeting friends it shows that you are more precious to your partner.

When your partner is doing/making dressing table for make up stuff etc. you may not be happy with this, because it doesn’t look like the finest one from the furniture store but keep in mind that your partner is doing his/her best.Zdjęcie0254

If you don love your partner be brave enough to be honest and tell him/her about it.
Don’t try to think that you are protecting him or her from suffering because sooner or later it will come out and your partner will suffer more.
If you are with someone and you know that you don’t love your partner and only waiting to find someone better (some people really do that) then you have to know, that you are real asshole, no matter are you man or woman and what kind of excuses you will bring to the table. It’s just not right.

When you see your partner is trying for you, cares about you you should be happy to have such a great partner.
If your partner don’t care about you and anything then think at least a little bit does it ok for you.
I know everyone is different and prefer different things and behaviour but honesty and trust are main parts of  foundation of the relationship.

I wish all of you to be happy and happy relationships for all those who are interested about to have it.

I’ve become superman!

Can you find better example of being humble than this title?
Of course you can, but, who cares!?
Ok, I’m going straight to the point. While ago I’ve said, that maybe I’ll write a little bit more about me one day. This day is today.
After some dramatic and traumatic events that took place in my life (which began about a year and a half ago and did not leave my thoughts for several months back from now), I finally found peace.
Someone may ask – What I mean by dramatic and traumatic events?
After few months of marriage, not even half year my wife (now ex-wife) asked me can she go on disco with her friends (all of them have husbands as well and it had to be something like “girls evening”) so I said “yes, no problem”.
She met there a man (which is nothing really special at this kind of places) and now comes the best part.
Are you ready?
She felt in love at first sight!
How sweet… more you can read here https://wp.me/p8FnFG-Au
Since next day she was behaving different, so it wasn’t hard to see she started to smile to phone while reading messages and texting all day long.
I was trying to find out what’sgoing on, she was saying, that’s nothing going on.
Until one day she told me to move out from house, sheis in love and she doesn’t loves me anymore and so on. It was like thunder from te sky.
As nothing comes too easy and I used to love her I was trying to save this marriage, trying to talk with her and keep in touch.
She was telling me, that she is possessed by the devil and she was acting like this I’ve called for my good friend who is the priest and he came as soon as possible from the other city which is few hours drive in one way.
He said, that with experience, which he have it’s not possession.
I was also consulting with psychiatrist, psychologist, all for nothing.
She tried to commit suicide several times. We already haven’t living together at that time, but as a husband I was informed about those situations.
This is what I’m calling dramatic and traumatic and it really goes deep into mind.
I used to self employed but this situation has surpassed me, totally.
I couldn’t take care about myself and what to say about managing the business.
I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t think rational. Unmanaged business generated losses. Before all this situation I bought more goods than usual because the time of Christmas shopping was approaching. But ultimately, I did not sell anything, I had no head for this. All this situation and led me to end the business.
When finally, I recovered from the worst shock, my mind was still full of bad things, bad memories etc. Nobody cares about your situation and you have to pay for everything, food costs, house costs, everything costs and only air seem to be free of charge.
I needed to find a job and needed to cut myself off from problems.
In other words, I needed a job where there is no time to think. This is how I’ve started to work on car wash.
Car wash is trully this kind of work where even an complete idiot can find a job.
And seriously there are some kinds of work where you can find low intelectual developed people, just idiots. Those idiots make opinion to all who work in this kind of jobs.
Anyway, there is few month left and I’ll pay off rest of my debt and because I’m feeling good now it will be good time to get back on track and rebuilt my business.
How this situation changed me? Well, I simply care less about anything.
So many things doesn’t matter, so many things are not going to shock me now. I mean, you can still surprised me with something, but it will be nothing really special.
For example the friend of mine texted me few days ago, that she lied to me on some issues by last six years. I’ve only asked – does everything is ok?
I’ve ask this question because I’ve learned, that people confess things like this when something happened. She had mental brakedown while ago.
Yeah? Me too. Now it’s fine.
I signed up on some dating sites but didn’t date with anyone. I guess people over thirties are not in a circle of interests or I’m just too ugly to date.
I have heard many times what kind of man girls and women want to have and it seem that I’m perfect. Well, not really. I’m perfect friend, not even considered as partner.
Yes, nice guys ends in friend zone before anything even started. Girls and women like to complain on their men but when it’s really good, they simply get bored and start to looking for attractions.
I used to consider girls and women almost like an angels or nearly I couldn’t be more wrong, they are just the same as men. Which mean, that maybe somwhere on this planet is a girl a lot like which will appreciate to spendtime together nice, to talk about the problems instead of hiding it or aruing, who would like to travel together to interesting places and being honest about what she like and what she don’t. Is it that hard?
I would like to find a girl who will appreciate that I’m honest, that I’m telling what I like and what I don’t like. I would like to find a girl who will appreciate that I’m not a jerk and have no problem to cook or to wash the dishes or clean the floor etc. I’ts really not big deal. I would like to find the girl who will enjoy to have a massage and have no problem to massage me too, because it’s really nice and relaxing and you don’t need to have special knowledge about it, you don’t need to use strenght for it, because nice, gentle, delicate massage from your beloved one is the best relaxing thing.
Of course you can go to a professional massage studio but it will never be the same it will never give you this atmosphere what you have while with your beloved one.
Does anyone know what I mean?
Who cares?
Sometimes I think, that people freaked out. What values count today?
I have no idea, money? number of followers on social media? number of likes under your selfie? subscribers on youtube?
It is nice when you see, that other people like your ideas, but it’s not a value by itself.
Doing something for likes or attention is stupid.
I used to be on some page about youtube to share my videos, but what I saw there wasn’t even stupid, it was idiotic. People there are asking other people to subscribe their youtube channels it’s called sub4sub. I’ve wrote a post there: watch and let me know what do you think about my video and I’ll do the same in return.
What kind of feedback I got?
“I’ve subscribe to your channel, now you subscribe mine”
So I had no other choice than write the answer.
“Probably you have the problem to read with understanding, so let me make this clear – get the fuck your subscribtion and get the fuck out from my channel if you are such an idiot”
Yeah, this shows how nice guy I’m.
When you start to work with idiots, sooner or later you will see, that if you want them to understand what you want from them, you have to use their lingual level.
And I don’t give a shit about this. I’ll not try to educate them.

Ok, now, why I wrote I’m superman?
Because I care about many things much less than ever before, because I’m free, because I let myself to do many things, that I haven’t doing it before, because I don’t care about other people opinion, because after disaster many things became so small.
Now it’s like be yourself, free yourself, do it your way. You don’t have to follow the rules when you see they are not work for you. Use your life, don’t waste it.
I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I’m not using the drugs and I’m using my life as much as possible without hurting myself and anyone around.
I’m doing what I like when and how it’s possible, I’m not forcing myself or anyone else to do anything. You have your mind, so use it. This is what it is for.
Think and enjoy from smallest things in your life.

Have a nice day 🙂

The trick of time

I was about to read Michael’s post:
and at the very first words it inspired me to write this post.
I think, that everyone had noticed how quickly time is running out  when you are having fun. It may look, that is the trick of time, but is this for sure?
I think the greatest trick here, is based on perspective. When we are kids, time of course goes fast when we play but we are also have not big age perspective and as older we are as more we wait to be grown ups. Honestly, show me a teenager who want to be underage. When you are finally grown up, you are still young and probably see no difference and here comes the real trick.
In grown up life you’re still waiting of course, for anything but it’s something different.
You can wait for end of the day when you are at work all week long, month after month and so on. You even don’t think about passing time but at the same time your perspective is slowly growing.
One day your life perspective is big enough to make you say twenty years ago… add anything you want here. Then often comes the thing, wow! how fast it passed, when? how?
This is the trick of time. There is one more thing, when you asl any older person does time is passing slow or fast, what you expect to hear? Just check it out. Seriously, it’s worth to ask about it and get different point of view on time and perhaps even on your life, your choices, decisions.

Also when it is about passing time and the movies I would like to bring the Matrix example here. The Matrix was played in the cinemas in 1999, which means is already nineteen years ago and for a lot of people it’s steel something fresh.
I’m not sure does Matrix had opened cinematic doors to 21st century, but for sure Matrix closed the doors of 20th century in cinematography.
I’ve met the opinion, that century is not always changing with the date, but with generations, when people are ready for some changes. As we know, changes takes time and first twenty years of new millenium we can consider as initial period when technology is changing but it’s still to fresh to be called full name technology of 21st century. It will be easier to see from the future, when it will be more advanced and displace oldor current technology, maybe even it will do it completely.
With new technology may come new way of thinking, which is nothing surprising and confirmed by history.

We lives in present and the present time is the past, that you cannot catch.
Have a nice day 🙂

The Lost Gardens of Heligan

I could wrote about the Lost Gardens of Heligan but I wasn’t there, so I think it’s  owners will do it much better than me. After reading about this beautiful place andafer seeing some pictures I thought it deserve for a little promotion and this what is this post made for.

This is what we will find on: http://heligan.com/the-story/introduction/

heligan 02

“Heligan, seat of the Tremayne family for more than 400 years, is one of the most mysterious and romantic estates in England. A genuine secret garden, it was lost for decades; its history consigned to overgrowth.

At the end of the nineteenth century Heligan’s thousand acres were at their zenith, but only a few years later bramble and ivy were already drawing a green veil over this “Sleeping Beauty”. The outbreak of WW1 was the start of the estate’s demise as its workforce went off to fight in the trenches; many sadly never to return.

heligan 03

This was a story played out in many of the large estates throughout Britain’s war period.

Unlike many other estates, however, the gardens and land at Heligan were never sold or developed. In fact, it wasn’t until the 1970s that Heligan House itself was eventually sold and split into private apartments.

After decades of neglect, the devastating hurricane of 1990 should have consigned the now lost gardens to a footnote in history.

heligan 04

Instead, events conspired to bring us here and the romance of their decay took a hold on our imaginations. Our discovery of a tiny room, buried under fallen masonry in the corner of one of the walled gardens, was to unlock the secret of their demise. A motto etched into the limestone walls in barely legible pencil still reads “Don’t come here to sleep or slumber”, with the names of those who worked there signed under the date – August 1914. We were fired by a magnificent obsession to bring these once glorious gardens back to life in every sense and to tell, for the first time, not tales of lords and ladies but of those “ordinary” people who had made these gardens great, before departing for the Great War.

In 2013, the Imperial War Museum recognised Heligan’s Thunderbox Room as a ‘Living Memorial’ to ‘The Gardeners of Heligan’. A plaque, a Cornish shovel and a WW1 helmet now mark the spot and details can be found on www.iwm.org.uk under entry 63622.

heligan 01

We have now established a large working team with its own vision for our third decade. The award-winning garden restoration is already internationally acclaimed; but our lease now extends into well over 200 acres, leaving the project far from complete. We intend Heligan to remain a living and working example of the best of past practice, offering public access into the heart of what we do.

Our contemporary focus is to work with nature, accepting and respecting it and protecting and enhancing the variety of habitats with which our project is endowed.”

I can add here, that is good to plan your visit on spring, around May because there is nice Rhododendrons collection, which are in bloom at that time.

heligan 06

Personally I was quite near to this place but I had no idea about it’s existence, however I know how to get there and now it’s time for few tips how to getthere.

I will save myself writing how to get to London, because it is an individual matter, who, how and eventually on which airport will go to. Anyway, if someone will use public transport, then you should go to London’s Paddington station, from there choose the night train, which goes (at 23:45) to St. Austell, where it arrives at around 7 am and is usually on time. With the return it may be different, because train may have delay. This is why it’s wise to keep it in mind while planning a return flight.
In St. Austell train and bus stations are practically in one the same place. Just go through the building and visit the ticket booth along the way to purchase a bus ticket.
At 8:55am, bus No. 471 leaves, from which you should get off at Sun Valley Holiday Park. Then it will be about 1km to go. You can take a walk and just be at the garden’s opening (at 10:00).

heligan 05

If someone wants to spend more time in Cornwall, I can add that near St. Austell is the Eden Project (I was there few years ago), although it is in the opposite direction than the Lost Gardens of Heligan.
In addition, Cornwall has nice beaches, and on some of them, you can find caves hidden among the rocks.