The future’s past

I woke up and opened my eyes to see, that the yesterday’s tomorrow is today.
When yesterday was today, expiration date seemed to be far away.
But now, today is the future and tomorrow will be today.
We are living now, always now, always today, there is no other option.
Our perspective is small and makes hard for us to see small changes happening around in present reality.
Future smoothly turnes into past, but we still are trapped in present day.
Every moment of life is happening now.
Distant future of tomorrow can be disappointing for the people, who thought about it yesterday.
When I’m looking back into years and centuries, I see people were expecting so different World of today.
What we are expecting from tomorrow?
Tomorrow will be today, next day…



Dear Joh Hooper, I’ve read your book “Italiani” and I have to say, I found there many new and interesting informations about Italy and Italians as well.
I was visiting this country many times, talking with people and against stereotypes, many Italians speak english. I don’t know southern Italy at all, the most southern place I’ve been there is Rome, which is consider as central part of country. Most of the time I was in the norhtern cities, but I didn’t observe same things, which you wrote in your book.
Yes, I remember your words, that you often meet an opinion like mine. Maybe we just met and talked with different people.
Anywhere I go, I’m trying to speak the language of visiting country and I have to tell you, everywhere people react the same way. They seem to feel proud of it and appreciate my effort, thay are also happy to see I’m trying, even when my pronounciation is very weak and even when I know only few words. Only in the last resort, when I see it’s impossible to communicate, then I’m reaching for english. It’s really not a problem to communicate in english with people in Italy. Keep in mind, that it’s still about northern Italy. In some smaller towns it may be a problem, when you try to talk with older people, then they reach for german. But this is my own experience and I wouldn’t present it as a general or common situations.
Still about northern Italy, I didn’t notice a lot of young adults living with their parents.
Maybe it’s not so common, or maybe I was in extraordinary places. But still, I didn’t live there, so it can be about exceptions.
Does each Italian have own version of truth? I’m not sure do I understood well what you ment, or jus haven’t been there long enough, to see it.
About imagination, fantasy, illusion, I can only say, that it’s not only in Italy.
Same as developed Christian culture, which have affect or influence on everyday life even on those, who doesn’t consider themselves as Christians (or will be better to say Catholic).
Does Italians eat and like only their own cuisine? Well, I don’t have idea why I met more open people who liked to try new things. They were probably an exceptions.
I brought some magazines with recipes from Italy, I have to tell you, there are not only traditional italian dishes. It doesn’t mean anything, I know.
Family relations.
Value of family is not only important in Italy and is a good value as an idea. Family is important in life and provides examples for children how to deal with everyday problems and it’s example of relationship, of course when it’s not about any inappropriate behaviour at home etc. Probably parents are first who teach empathy.
Does empathy is a value or weakness?
By the way, probability of living with parents in adult life is depending from many varieties and it’s not without matter does society, at general, is rich or poor.
What do you mean by “when we compare Italians with few other nations, still we can see influence (or maybe it will be better to say legacy) of Catholic Church in those aspects of life.” Results of The Face of Global Sex research from 2012,  about sexual initiation showed, that Italians begins their sexual life later (19,4) than British (18,3) and Americans (18,4).
So what is the point? What you are trying to say?
I don’t see anything wrong about this as well as for the avarage age 19,4, would you like to be less than 18?
“Casual sexual contacts, among Italian teenagers, are more often than during Vatican (and Christian Democrats) influence was stronger.”
Does casual sexual contacts among teenagers is really so positive?
Maybe I’m to similar to Italians whose keeping traditional values.
Does traditional values are also so bad and does it really stops economic development?

Mister Hooper, I don’t know you and sometimes I’m losing your point of view. That’s why I wont say, that I disagree with you. I would like to understand what you’re trying to say.
But I have to say, I’m a little bit concerned of some things I have read in your book.
However, “Italiani” was interesting lecture for me, especially historical and geographical parts.

This is also an example, that is possible to make constructive criticism, respect the person, you disagree with and be open for discussion.