Chicken with fruits

I like to try different cuisines from around the World. However sometimes I like to do my own dish spontaneously without any recipe. This dish is not exception but is very easy to prepare.

To make this dish you will need:

Plantain (cooking banana), mango, apple, mint, rice, chicken breast, salt, black pepper, olive oil.

Peel the fruits, chop them, wash the chicken (you can also chop the chicken) and sprinkle meat with salt and pepper. Prepare pans for frying by spreading olive oil on them. Next put fruits on the hot pan and place meat on second pan. At the same time cook rice.
When fruits will be a little bit carmelized, mix it with rice (if you choped chicken, you can mix it all together) and serve on a plate decorated with mint.

Bon Appetit 🙂


Ice cream diet

Great solution for those, who like sweets. If you are beware of your body weight, but cannot live without a little pleasure like a chocolate, cookies, cakes or any other sweets, ice cream seems to be good deal for you. What is important, ice cream are not mixture of fat and carbohydrates as much as all sweets mentioned before, what makes them less weight gain. Also, ice cream are less rich in calories than mentioned sweets, what also matters. It’s good when ice cream you are about to chose, are made from natural ingredients. However ice cream may look better as a replacement of other sweets, remember it’s only kind of dessert, not a full-fledged meal. Instead of ice cream, you may use fruits, which are more healthy with all theirs vitamns and minerals. You can even put fruits into fridge or freezer for a while and have nice chilling and juicy dessert.
Have a nice day.