Wrong choice

Sometimes people to prevent of causing little pain, they do a big harm.


A few words before next drawing

I would like to show you all my drawings in order from the oldest one, but I don’t have all of it or I don’t have some of them on the pictures. Anyway I still have few to put on the blog. I never was in the school of art or anything like this. All I was doing was drawing, drawing more drawing and books reading. I’ve started drawing because I’ve always liked paintings of great masters of art like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michaelangelo Buonarotti or Peter Paul Rubens. I knew that I cannot have their works but I thought that I can make a copy of my favourites paintings. This is also why I’ve never look for my style or anything like that, it simply wasn’t my goal 🙂 Drawing a copy of your favourite painting is not only joyful because you can hang it on the wall but it also bring great satisfaction, that you are able to do something look similar to the one of the greatest art work.
If someone want to ask me why I never had ambition to go on university of art or to find my own style, here’s the answear.
I’ve never was in any university just because I hadn’t enough self confidence and self esteem to believe in myself. That’s the only reason.
And you can treat this as excuse but it’s hard to have self confidence and self esteem when all people around you make you feel like you are not worthy including family and teachers. Kids can be cruel and this is not surprising, they are often not aware of what they are doing or what their words can do to the others. However when teacher is telling to a child something like he is not worthy to get a better education or something like this, shouldn’t be a teacher.
Some people have strong self confidence and self esteem even when everyone and everything seem to be against them and this is amazing for me.
Well I simply wasn’t like this. Fortunately today I have distance to myself and the things which are happening in my life and around the World
Self distance is real blessing which helps to know your limits, your weaknesses, to find your strength.

Does it matter?

It’s a reflection of the tree in a liquid

Sometimes when I reply on some posts by the comments, I see like after like and I’m thinking “what is all about, I didn’t wrote anything special”. Well this is only an example which can show, that some things can be normal to us or just “be”, can appear something special for the others.
I have also read recently kedawithani’s post hell ohhhhh october (link below)


(I just don’t know how to make a short link, so forgive me, or not. It’s up to you.)
Anyway, it had remind me, how many times we don’t see what is around us and we treat this as a normal, when for somebody else it can be something special or even motivating, or showing a different perspective.
I wonder, how often we appreciate people and things around us, how often we appreciate everyday life, simple life for us, which can be something different for somebody else, maybe even strange, maybe incomprehensible.
Have a nice day and look around you.

The power of value

Have you ever wonder what is the greatest power in the entire World?
I think it’s the power of unity. United people can be unstoppable force…
But I don’t think is possible to unite humanity. We all have different values and for some reason it’s very hard for us to reach agreement or at least compromise. There always will be some people, who would like to rule and dictates conditions to the others of how to live and what is right or wrong. Those who desire power will do what they can to keep people (societies) divided. The reason is simple, when society is divided then is easier to rule. Divided society is just weak, not speak with one voice, not demand changes for better living and is easier to be steering by rulers. Divided society fighting against each other in effect of manipulation, without searching for logical solutions and compromises.
If I will ask, what is most valueable for you? there will be different answers, this is one of the reasons why we have to live in some compromises and respect to each other as much as selfrespect. It will also help to not abuse other people. Sometimes we by ourselves agree to being abused, because of the situation, because we want something.
Why we have to work? To live? To pay for food and for a house? To pay for anything?
So we are selling ourselves, because someone said so.
Why we have to pay? Because someone said so. Because someone made the rules, which had to be fair. But where it leaded us? What does it created? Greed.
Yes, yes, I know, money are needed for many reasons and they are easy to calculate value of everything. But is it really “of everything”? Does everything is on sale?
Money and other things are worth only this what we can give for it.
You want to find what is the real value of oney, then take as much as you can and go there where is no other man lives. Then you will find out what your money gives to you.
People are the power and the value, but we forgetting about this so often.
Respect and take care about people. Do you respect yourself? Do you want to be respected? How you want to be treated?
Of course I’m taking money for my work, but it doesn’t matter for me, how much I will earn, I will always do my best. Why? Because I’m doing it for the others and I will not do something what can harm someone.
Ok, World is not perfect place, because of our weaknesses, ignorance and arrogance.
Some people think, that they are better than others, some other think they are worse.
But we are just different. I know that some people are sick, violent, have mental problems, but this is not the point. The worst situation is when those people get the power to rule, then bad things are happening.
So what we can do? We can unite, at least in some particular things.
I know, this what I’m writing is like utopia, but do we really like this World how it is?
Cannot we make it a better place? Everything depends from us, not from U.S., but from US, us people.
How will look any reform, country or anything without people?
How will look war when soldiers from each side will refuse to fight? There will be no war, because who will fight? Our great leaders? No way, they are only strong to tell us what to do, how to live and to send soldiers to the front, to kill each other.
Are we so different to kill each other? Are we the enemies to each others?
Are we really so different, that we can accept it and live together on same planet? Is it really so hard? What is wrong with us?
Only rulers wants wars and convincing people, that it’s good. So if the rulers want to fight, let them fight with them selves, but let people to live their lifes.
What kind of reform will work without people? Only people are the factor which make the difference and things to work, not empty words and promises of politicians.
We, simple people, nations, societies, we have the real power, but we give this power to our governments…
We want governments to work for good of people and nation, to live in the place where is justice and where we can feel free and be happy. But because of some people we can’t enjoy it, as much as we should. There is always somone who brings oppression is it government or criminals or boss at work, who want us to work faster and longer and it will be the best if we will work for free…
Do I think my post will change something? I don’t think it will change the World, but maybe it will make that some of us will start look different on some things in life.
Maybe some will think a little bit about this what is valueable and accept, that for someone else, it can have different value. However it dosen’t mean to not respect values of others.
No matter where on this planet we live,we can be different, but we are not the enemies.
Let’s respect each other, it can make a big difference.

A few words that can change your day

“Nothing to lose” it’s not exactly what it seems to be.
People quite often like to say things, just because “that’s what people saying” or because “it’s sounds good” etc. like “I’m so depressed” or “I have nothing to lose”.
But what if you really think, that you are in the situation when you have nothing to lose?
It mean you are so wrong. As long you are alive you may have much more to lose than you think. It can also mean, that there is nothing left what you care about, which can show how bad your situation or your mood can be. This is the most common, when you just feel like you lose your life and there is nothing you care about. If that will make you to make some actions, which you always was affraid to do it may bring unexpected positive effects and bring back meaning to your life, or even raise you up to a higher level of your life.
The same situation bring the risk of making terrible mistakes. When you feel like everything is meaningless and pointless, you can start do things, which can really take you down.
When you will think, that you have nothing lose, because of your bad situation, then try to think about something else. It’s just to make a break and catch at least a little distance and maybe you will be able to look at the same situation from a different perspective, which can change a lot.