Way to victory

Whatever we are going to, we would like to succeed and it’s obvious.
What happens when we don’t know how to do it, being not sure or just being afraid of failure?
Fear of failure seem to be something natural, especially when it’s about something personal or very important for us.
Then we have to realise, that the process of learning is to fall and fall again to succeed one day. How much work we have to do before we will learn something very well?
Doesn’t matter what it is about, excersises, learning of a new language, or anything else
You have to fail many times, to win.
So keep on trying.
Have a nice day.

Wonderland in reality

I’ve never thought about UK as for a special country like some people used to saying is such a amazing place to live. Well, as I’m observing it now a new person in UK can earn 1061£ (after tax), when price for rent a flat starts from around 700£ (for 1 and 2 bedroom flat). Add costs of traveling to work, costs of food (depending on many factors and/or person). For example using public transport to drive around 8miles (12,8km) will cost you 4,2£ when it’s one way ticket (single) or 7£ when it’s round-trip (return).
Fuel costs around 1,2£ per 1l so it seem to be cheaper to use a car, even after taking into account insurance and tax road fees (depending from type of car, year of production etc.).
What about food costs? Well, food is not expensive, for example: 1liter of milk costs around 80pence but when you will buy 3.4L then you will pay only 1,5£.
White bread 800g costs from 50p to 2£, 400g chocolate spread costs from 80p to 3£, 1l of fruit juice starts from less than 1£. Also price reductions are very popular here.Often when you will buy more, you will receive better price. For example when 1l of fruit juice costs 1£ then buy 3 pay 2.5£ or buy 1 get 1 free, buy 2 get one half price, etc.

Living in UK for a single person doesn’t seem to be amazing, this why many people here are doing overtimes or trying to receive benefits from Council.
I’ve met two young men who came to UK 8 years ago and now, after all this time they will receive contract directly from company they work for. In my opinion, there is no need to wait so long to be hired directly by company. I think, that vey important is to let people to know you, to speak with other people instead of looking after your countrymen.
When you’re looking for your countrymen and talk only with them, then you are isolating yourself and minimize your chances at work.
I was living and working in UK five years ago, for around half year, only the difference was, that I wanted to see some places in UK and for that time, the best solution was to live and work here. I knew, that I came here only for few months and I used to worked hired by agency. They was sending me from one place to another wherever an additional worker was needed. However owner of one of the factory that I used to work in, when I was about to go back home, he said, that whenever I’ll come back to UK I can just come to this factory and I’ll be hired directly by him.
This is why I think, that a lot depends from people it self, just prove what you are worth, show what you can do and respect other people.

For couples and families is just easier here, but from experience which I gained it’s like this in most places if not all.
Anyway, it’s really nice to me, that I’ve changed surrounding environment. Life here is like anywhere else, work here is like anywhere else, but I feel relief.
I hope to hear from you what you think about living and woking  abroad and what is your experience with it.

Have a nice day.

Welcome to Wonderland

Many people are looking on United Kingdom as at the place of great opportunities.
Does Great Britain is realy so great as people want to see it?
I’ve arrived here just two weeks ago, so it’s hard to say how the life in UK will look for me. What can I say at this moment is after beeing team leader manager for car wash company and had three car wash stations under my commandment I got the job here also on the car wash but as usual worker who will wash the cars.
In this country, your previous experience as long it’s not a high position in global company it’s doesn’t matter. You have to start from the bottom and prove your value. However it’s nothing unusual at work, that you have to prove your value if you want get promotion, so I’m ok with that.
Why I quit from good position in my home country?
To answear for this question I have to go back to the time when my life falled into pieces I was self employed but the occurring situation couses me mental and emotional crisis so much, that even could take care about my self and to say to managing the business.
I closed it without looking on any losts and started to work in car wash just to run from my thoughts.
Now, when I’m divorced and feel a lot better I was looking to change surrounding enviroment, to start everything all over and here I’m.
It’s my way to move on without places that will bring memories, so in this case UK look like Wonderland and make easy to open new chapter of my life.

Have a nice day.

A few words before next drawing

I would like to show you all my drawings in order from the oldest one, but I don’t have all of it or I don’t have some of them on the pictures. Anyway I still have few to put on the blog. I never was in the school of art or anything like this. All I was doing was drawing, drawing more drawing and books reading. I’ve started drawing because I’ve always liked paintings of great masters of art like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michaelangelo Buonarotti or Peter Paul Rubens. I knew that I cannot have their works but I thought that I can make a copy of my favourites paintings. This is also why I’ve never look for my style or anything like that, it simply wasn’t my goal 🙂 Drawing a copy of your favourite painting is not only joyful because you can hang it on the wall but it also bring great satisfaction, that you are able to do something look similar to the one of the greatest art work.
If someone want to ask me why I never had ambition to go on university of art or to find my own style, here’s the answear.
I’ve never was in any university just because I hadn’t enough self confidence and self esteem to believe in myself. That’s the only reason.
And you can treat this as excuse but it’s hard to have self confidence and self esteem when all people around you make you feel like you are not worthy including family and teachers. Kids can be cruel and this is not surprising, they are often not aware of what they are doing or what their words can do to the others. However when teacher is telling to a child something like he is not worthy to get a better education or something like this, shouldn’t be a teacher.
Some people have strong self confidence and self esteem even when everyone and everything seem to be against them and this is amazing for me.
Well I simply wasn’t like this. Fortunately today I have distance to myself and the things which are happening in my life and around the World
Self distance is real blessing which helps to know your limits, your weaknesses, to find your strength.