One quick thought

You can easly find a lot of comparetion videos on youtube between millenials and gen z. There are also some predictions and speculations about generation alpha.
All these things bring me to this question: If technology addicts people so easy, like there’s a lot using of smartphones almost all the time when they’re awake and technology is not developed so much now as it’s going to be within few next decades. Dreams from the past slowly becoming reality of the future or even goes bit forward than expected in some cases. Of course it’s not the same as people used to think about technology and maybe it’s happens later than people thoughted it will but look and compare past to the present and to technology of tomorrow. If someone thinks autonomic cars will be not successful, because people like to drive by themselves, might be in big mistake. It will become just to easy as using of smartphones today at almost on every second of our life. Those who will born with autonomic cars technology and will not know cars that we know today, will probably not miss for this relicts of the past (in general).

What you think about that?

Work it out

I’m busy now to gather all required informations that I need for “Millennium review” which seem to be a really long read post I have also one short one for now.
It’s not a discovery but I think it’s worth to mention about this. We are still around Valentine’s Day so for some people it may mean different things maybe some of you are trying to make yourself look better and so on and here comes my thought, especially when you are around middle age and decied to go on the gym or back to your workout routine after a break. There is good news for you. You can still look good and attractive but does it really matter? Some people and companies are trying to conince us to take care about our bodies to look better, to feel better and finally to be happy thankfully by going at the gym etc.
Well, what I think about this?
Workout and diet can make you look better and incrase your health but it’s important to be happy of doing it, not doing it to be happy.
Don’t treat workout as unpleasant duty, enjoy your workout, take a pleasure from it.
Body is just a vessel of this what you carry inside, like: stomach, intestines, liver, lungs, heart, mind, your thoughts, dreams, your personality, that’s your beauty.

Have a nice day and enjoy the smallest momments of the day 🙂

I’ve become superman!

Can you find better example of being humble than this title?
Of course you can, but, who cares!?
Ok, I’m going straight to the point. While ago I’ve said, that maybe I’ll write a little bit more about me one day. This day is today.
After some dramatic and traumatic events that took place in my life (which began about a year and a half ago and did not leave my thoughts for several months back from now), I finally found peace.
Someone may ask – What I mean by dramatic and traumatic events?
After few months of marriage, not even half year my wife (now ex-wife) asked me can she go on disco with her friends (all of them have husbands as well and it had to be something like “girls evening”) so I said “yes, no problem”.
She met there a man (which is nothing really special at this kind of places) and now comes the best part.
Are you ready?
She felt in love at first sight!
How sweet… more you can read here
Since next day she was behaving different, so it wasn’t hard to see she started to smile to phone while reading messages and texting all day long.
I was trying to find out what’sgoing on, she was saying, that’s nothing going on.
Until one day she told me to move out from house, sheis in love and she doesn’t loves me anymore and so on. It was like thunder from te sky.
As nothing comes too easy and I used to love her I was trying to save this marriage, trying to talk with her and keep in touch.
She was telling me, that she is possessed by the devil and she was acting like this I’ve called for my good friend who is the priest and he came as soon as possible from the other city which is few hours drive in one way.
He said, that with experience, which he have it’s not possession.
I was also consulting with psychiatrist, psychologist, all for nothing.
She tried to commit suicide several times. We already haven’t living together at that time, but as a husband I was informed about those situations.
This is what I’m calling dramatic and traumatic and it really goes deep into mind.
I used to self employed but this situation has surpassed me, totally.
I couldn’t take care about myself and what to say about managing the business.
I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t think rational. Unmanaged business generated losses. Before all this situation I bought more goods than usual because the time of Christmas shopping was approaching. But ultimately, I did not sell anything, I had no head for this. All this situation and led me to end the business.
When finally, I recovered from the worst shock, my mind was still full of bad things, bad memories etc. Nobody cares about your situation and you have to pay for everything, food costs, house costs, everything costs and only air seem to be free of charge.
I needed to find a job and needed to cut myself off from problems.
In other words, I needed a job where there is no time to think. This is how I’ve started to work on car wash.
Car wash is trully this kind of work where even an complete idiot can find a job.
And seriously there are some kinds of work where you can find low intelectual developed people, just idiots. Those idiots make opinion to all who work in this kind of jobs.
Anyway, there is few month left and I’ll pay off rest of my debt and because I’m feeling good now it will be good time to get back on track and rebuilt my business.
How this situation changed me? Well, I simply care less about anything.
So many things doesn’t matter, so many things are not going to shock me now. I mean, you can still surprised me with something, but it will be nothing really special.
For example the friend of mine texted me few days ago, that she lied to me on some issues by last six years. I’ve only asked – does everything is ok?
I’ve ask this question because I’ve learned, that people confess things like this when something happened. She had mental brakedown while ago.
Yeah? Me too. Now it’s fine.
I signed up on some dating sites but didn’t date with anyone. I guess people over thirties are not in a circle of interests or I’m just too ugly to date.
I have heard many times what kind of man girls and women want to have and it seem that I’m perfect. Well, not really. I’m perfect friend, not even considered as partner.
Yes, nice guys ends in friend zone before anything even started. Girls and women like to complain on their men but when it’s really good, they simply get bored and start to looking for attractions.
I used to consider girls and women almost like an angels or nearly I couldn’t be more wrong, they are just the same as men. Which mean, that maybe somwhere on this planet is a girl a lot like which will appreciate to spendtime together nice, to talk about the problems instead of hiding it or aruing, who would like to travel together to interesting places and being honest about what she like and what she don’t. Is it that hard?
I would like to find a girl who will appreciate that I’m honest, that I’m telling what I like and what I don’t like. I would like to find a girl who will appreciate that I’m not a jerk and have no problem to cook or to wash the dishes or clean the floor etc. I’ts really not big deal. I would like to find the girl who will enjoy to have a massage and have no problem to massage me too, because it’s really nice and relaxing and you don’t need to have special knowledge about it, you don’t need to use strenght for it, because nice, gentle, delicate massage from your beloved one is the best relaxing thing.
Of course you can go to a professional massage studio but it will never be the same it will never give you this atmosphere what you have while with your beloved one.
Does anyone know what I mean?
Who cares?
Sometimes I think, that people freaked out. What values count today?
I have no idea, money? number of followers on social media? number of likes under your selfie? subscribers on youtube?
It is nice when you see, that other people like your ideas, but it’s not a value by itself.
Doing something for likes or attention is stupid.
I used to be on some page about youtube to share my videos, but what I saw there wasn’t even stupid, it was idiotic. People there are asking other people to subscribe their youtube channels it’s called sub4sub. I’ve wrote a post there: watch and let me know what do you think about my video and I’ll do the same in return.
What kind of feedback I got?
“I’ve subscribe to your channel, now you subscribe mine”
So I had no other choice than write the answer.
“Probably you have the problem to read with understanding, so let me make this clear – get the fuck your subscribtion and get the fuck out from my channel if you are such an idiot”
Yeah, this shows how nice guy I’m.
When you start to work with idiots, sooner or later you will see, that if you want them to understand what you want from them, you have to use their lingual level.
And I don’t give a shit about this. I’ll not try to educate them.

Ok, now, why I wrote I’m superman?
Because I care about many things much less than ever before, because I’m free, because I let myself to do many things, that I haven’t doing it before, because I don’t care about other people opinion, because after disaster many things became so small.
Now it’s like be yourself, free yourself, do it your way. You don’t have to follow the rules when you see they are not work for you. Use your life, don’t waste it.
I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I’m not using the drugs and I’m using my life as much as possible without hurting myself and anyone around.
I’m doing what I like when and how it’s possible, I’m not forcing myself or anyone else to do anything. You have your mind, so use it. This is what it is for.
Think and enjoy from smallest things in your life.

Have a nice day 🙂

The art of maintaining restrain

The art of maintaining restraint can be very helpful in dealing with other people. While maintaining restraint, we can get to the bottom of the matter, doing very little, that is, for example, letting the other person speak, and thus give her the opportunity to provide us with information. When we are emotionally or impatient, we can cause the other person to withdraw from the initiative she has had to date. Such a hasty behavior can also cause some kind of caution, even the subconscious, so that the person we talk with can begin to think about our intentions, perhaps because it does not consider this matter to be worth too much emotion. Sincere intentions do not help if we show commitment too much. People consider many issues to be uninteresting and until we get to know the reasons for this approach, it is better to retain restraint and pay attention to selected words, especially if we are talking to a newly-met person.
Does restraint mean coldness and inaccessibility? Not necessarily. If we listen carefully to our interlocutor and support conversation in a relaxed atmosphere, there is no reason for us to be considered as “cold”. Restraint here is only a tool for self-control, which in social contacts, especially those characterized by high personal culture is even desirable, helps to harness the excess of excitement or similar states, which (too much excitement)  can be badly taken in the company. Restraint is also helpful for children, however, because of their young age, and thus their natural propensity to thrive, it can be quite difficult to implement.
If we learn restraint, we can control and observe how effective it is in dealing with other people. From a delicate barely noticeable restrained attitude, when only we are considered to be more prudent people, to even severe restraint, when you can pick us up as cold, dry, mysterious people.
You can add appropriate gestures or words to each degree of restraint to change this impression and such strong restraint together with a warm kind smile should not arouse the impression of being “cold” or “dry”, but can give a bit of attractive mystery, attracting interest to find out, what is your opinion on a given issue.

Do you speak English?

Definitely most of blogs I’ve seen here on wordpress was written in English. Which doesn’t seem to be something surprising, when you are writing in English, that’s the language you should expect to recive. English is not most popular when it is about native speakers, but enough to look closer on translation system to see, that more than a half of books are translated to English, what make it most frequently using language in the world.
Similar situation is with other branches of entertainment, where the most of songs and movies are in English too. This means, that we are most likely to communicate in a foreign country, by knowing English. It’s the theoretical part.
How does it look in practice? Well, when you are talking with someone who is native English speaker, it shouldn’t be a problem to understand each other. Unless your interlocutor have speech defect or using slang/dialect.
When you are going somewhere, where English isn’t native language, it may turn out, that you will be able to communicate with only a few people of all who claim, that they speak English.
How this is possible, that one language can sounds so different, depending on, where we are? It’s partly because, we don’t hear our accent and even this can make one word to sound completely different. The other thing is level of language proficiency and how comfortable our interlocutor feel with using foreing language.
I’ve also met some people, who consider, that English should be official language of the World. Well, even in the area of one country you can hear few varieties of one language, so how it could be possible to keep one sound all over the World?
The second thing for me is, that I consider different languages as interesting and also a part of cultural factor.
What do you think about it?

Original classic

Original recipe is kind of guarantee for success. Original, classical, traditional, all those words mean something like “if you will follow instructions, you will recive the same thing what creator of this thing” . If we are talking about food, then original recipe is the way to recreate the flavour. Such a great achievement, I’m impressed. If it will be about any other thing, original recipe will make things works. This may lead to providing standards, which is comfortable. People from nature are lazy, so they like to follow for something what already is made by someone else. Laziness makes, that people don’t like to leave their comfort zone, so sometimes people prefer to arguing to keep something without any changes than try new things.
For example, let’s say, that I will make “tiramisu” with cacao insteead of coffee, for many people it will be like a blasphemy. If I will ask, why I can’t replace it, the answer is, because you can’t, because in original recipe is coffee, becuase it’s traditional.
They don’t even try to accept it, that I may prefer cacao 🙂
Original recipe is to keep uniqueness, but when everyone is using the same recipe does it still unique?
It’s very smart to keep original recipes for things, that works, but it cannot stop us from creativity, from trying new things.
For original lovers: don’t be affraid to try different ways sometimes, it doesn’t mean to leave this what you like so much.
For those, who think original means boring: it’s good to find out why it’s respected by other people, maybe you will appreciate it too.
In both cases it’s going out from comfort zone, which is like entering on unknown teritory and on beginning it may provide anxiety, adrenaline and excitement, but after all, it’s brings new experience and helps to discover yourself from different perspective.

Have a nice day and take the challange of leaving your comfort zone. 🙂

Does pretty girls have easier in life?

Wha experience as a man, I can have to talk about this?
Well, as a man, none. Even as a girl may be not enough.
But as a pretty sexy girl… I didn’t have to wait long time to see how it is.
How could I check this? In easiest possible way, I’ve created account on facebook.
Fake account with sexy girl in the profile picture and it was enough to post one comment which was “The devil is not so black, as he is painted” to incrase facebook friends from 0 to over 100 in just few hours. On that account I’m receiving countless messages, sexual messages from men. From men who sent invitation to become their friends and they have not idea who I am. There are also a lot of girls and women who send me invitation, fortunatelly, girls are not texting sexual messages to me. It may be really annoing when is happening in real life, real person. The communication about new message are beeping all the time and that’s not nice messages, most of them are just rude.
The other question is, why you send invitation to person who you don’t know?
Facebook is a strange place but people can be really scary.
Let’s go back to the main question, does pretty girls have easier in life?
Well from perspective of a fake facebook account, all those people are doing a lot of things what I’m asking for, but this is not because they are so nice, they want something in exchange, like naked picture, date, or panties, yes you see good, there are even men who are asking to send them my panties. They could be in shock when they will recive my real pants…
Why people are like that? Why men are so primal? Why they think about sex, when they only see a nice face? there is nothing sexual on this account, only a picture of a face, so wtf is wrong with them? I’m talking about people from around of the World and account is not even in english.
You know what, I’ve never done anything like that, as well as many other men, but no matter if you are gentleman or not, because of this kind behaviour, all men are in the one bag.
Now is not surprising for me, why girls/women so often saying: men think only about sex.
Now, with this new experience, I’m affraid, that if I will look on a girl or woman and just smile, not even say anything, or not even smiling, just look, then I’m already thinking about sex with her, in her mind. But of course I can not be sure of that although I have new experience I still cannot judge does it easier to be a pretty girl, but it’s really tiring.
At least I have new perspective, to see a little bit how it is from a girl point of view.

Respect each other and think before you send invitation to someone who you don’t know, you may be not only surprised but also you can bring troubles to yourself. It’s very easy to recive personal information by social media, which should be kept only for you.
Don’t be shy to leave comment, I’m interested to hear your opinion.
Have a nice day.