Greatness of bananas

Perhaps June with World premiere of “Despicable me 3” was better time to write about bananas, but this post have nothing to do with the movie.
Some of you may know, that I like traveling, but you didn’t know yet, that I’m not drinking coffee at all. I’m waking up early and never drink coffee. I’m driving car all night long and I’m not drinking coffee. Instead of coffee I’m eating bananas and using suplement called glutamine, which help to regenerate.
Why bananas? Well, bananas have a lot of potassium (more than tomatoe) and magnesium, phosphorus, also contain vitamins and it’s a natural source of it, so I think it’s more easy to digest than all the same minerals from pills.
Also bananas are easy to take with you in a journey and easy to eat when you’re driving etc.
It helps when you are tired, but when you feel it’s not helping, or when you feel coffee is not helping, it’s better to stop the car and go to sleep, even for 15-30 minutes.
It’s much safer for you and other people at road.