“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance” – Confucius

I wonder, what does it mean to be a human?
Through all history, each generation of mankind thought about their own generation as of the greatest one.
It seems, that ignorance supported with self confidence leads to self imagination of being the best. After Dunning-Kruger effect, we can divide awareness on four stages.
1 – unaware of self incompetence
2 – aware of self incompetence
3 – unaware of self competence
4 – aware of self competence

If we apply these stages to our awareness of primal instincts and ability to control it, we will receive this scheme:
1 – unaware of being under influence of primal instincts and inability to control it
2 – aware of fact, that we are under the influence of primal instincts, but still unable to control it
3 – aware of primal instincts, but unaware ability to control it
4 – aware of primal instincts and being able to control it

Where we are now? Probably at stage 2. We know, that primal instincts do exists and have impact on our everyday life, but are we able to control it? When I’m looking at people, on this what is happening around the World, or at myself, I think we are far away from it. Firstable it’s hard to take control over primal instincts. Enough to look back, how much we changed since known history. Sciencehas been changed, technology has been changed, our lifestyle has been changed, but our behaviour and reasons of our acts did not. Are we smarter than few thousands years ago? In some areas of life and science, yes. But when I’m looking on it like this: thousands of years passed and we are still competitive instead of being cooperative. We still have some small and shallow reasons to make this World not friendly for living. It’s only one Planet in our solar system, which gives life friendly conditions, and what we are doing with it? How we are using it? Do we respect what we have received?
How do we are using all natural sources?
How do we treat each other?
How do we treat, even ourselves?
I think, that our behaviour is basing on few factors and it will not change quickly.
People call for something, when it’s about themselves, but ignore it when it’s about others. People seems to like utopian ideas, forgeting it’s impossible. There is no such things as freedom and justice, there are only compromises. Even compromises are hard to stand for people, but it’s probably, because, they don’t understand some of them, how it is like this and why. We are selfish, yes we are. We see our needs, our feelings, our memories and everything what we can call our in so different way than any other person, but it’s natural. We all are different.
Let’s go back to freedom and justice in only one example.
If it’s allowed to smoke cigarettes, one person is smoking, but the other one don’t like it, can we call this is freedom and justice. It’s small and simple example, but I think it’s enough to point how much our life is about compromises and smart solving problems and if we will be unable to solve small problems like this, then how we gonna deal with big ones?
Primal instintcs was important for people for long time, which was helpful to save their lives. Even today some of those instincts are important, but I think, it would be good to learn how to control it and use properly when it’s needed.
I know it’s easy to say and it might be another utopian idea, but I think it’s worth to try becoming better, even when we know it’s impossible to become the perfect.
There is a lot of things to keep in mind, like trying too hard can lead you to frustration…
Does it make any sense, or I’m talking crap?
I don’t know, maybe I’m too tired, maybe it’s just too hot and I’m writing in some kind of insanity…
How can I know that, if I will not confront it with others?
Or does it possible, to know you are right by yourself?
Is it not just another time when it’s about ignorance and confidence?


I’m tired

No matter what I’ll write, how I will provoke, people here like it or not reacting. Is it so unique society here? Why it cannot be on entire World like this? What is wrong with the people? I really have enough of stupidity and other lower instincs, which leading to conflicts.

Day of Forgiveness

We all or at least most of us like any holidays. It’sdoesn’t matter what is this about, if it will provide day off. But we also like to celebrate, cheering, joyce etc. When I’m looking how people are celebrating their holidays, I think is much more about celebrating it self. We are doing all the things we have to do, especiallywhen it comes about traditions or just joyce and using it as a day off. We are not thinking about deeper meaning of what nad why we doing, we are doing everything shallow. Traditional outfits, traditional rites and ceremonies doesn’t make it deeper. Traditions are only what is on the surface.
I thought what would happen if we will have Day of Forgiveness? The day when you forgive to those who did some harm to you. It will simply not work. Even if we will set this kind of day it will become same shallow as any other holidays and all our forgiveness will be deprived of deeper meaning. It will be probably like “hi I forgive you”, “hello, Iforgive you too,  and you, and you, and you too”.
If I’m not belive in this, so why am I writing about this?
Maybe to make us think about how we are and how we are treating all these “Days, Holidays and Celebrations”.

The greatest achievement of mankind

Since many centuries great minds of our World, was thinking and teaching about morality, life and living. Civilization was developing, we was learning about rules of the world and life. After thousands of years, what do we have today? What we really achieved during this time? What the civilization is all about? We call ourselves civilized, but what really does it mean? Is it mean, that we are able to make buildings, vechicles and other machines? How much do we know? We consider ourselves as so awesome, because we know so much, we can answer for so many questions… What questions, how many?
Maybe after thousands of years, the greatest achievement of civilization should be humility? How about that?
Instead, we stayd same primitive, as we were before the beginning of our great civilization. I’m talking about global civilization, no matter how much developed it is.
Civilization seem to be only about our ability to build structures and machines, developing technology, but what about our behaviour? Someone can tell me, our behaviour changed a lot during this time, we don’t do many thing people did in the past, which is so true. Only the question is, why we behave so reckless in everyday life?
We shouldn’t be smarter? Have we really achieved so much?
Greed, power, corruption, fear, hate, wars, destruction, mindlessness are signs of all times I’ve heard about. It’s also signs of present life.
Are we able to go beyond?
Recent and still actual case about refugees. The question is why situation like this is possible in modern civilized world? why we still have wars, hunger, terror, why do we have to be afraid of eachother? Is this so great achievement of civilization?
I’m not the right person to touch this case, because I don’t know about it, but I’m thinking about this and similar situations from the past. Few days ago I was reading one post, which have touching this case. I have to confes, that I didn’t dig for informations, to find out how it was during WWII and refugee situations, I only wonder about behaviour of refugees during that times and their demands to the host countries. I’ve heard about appreciation and thankfulness, gratefulness of refugees to host countries. From the other hand, I didn’t heard about rapes, slaughtering, killing, terrorizing and demands raised by WWII refugees to host countries. It’s possible, that I simply need to dig for informations to find out it is natural, that people running away from war bring all these things with them and no one had nothing against it. Or maybe refugees from WWII didn’t behave this way? I don’t know. Or maybe, they just politely adjusted to the law and manners of the state to which they escaped. As I said before, I have no idea how it was at that time.
It can be consider as disrespectful, to touch the topic you have no idea about it, but it’s just quick and spontanous thoughts appeared in my head.
I don’t want to make this post provocative and controversal, but there are some thoughts I want to share.
If someone is helping me, then I’m not saying “you should do this”,”I want more”, “I’m not going to eat your food” or “you should do what I want” especially when I was asking for help. If I will not ask for help, it’s a little bit diferent. Then I can even refuse anyone to help me, because I wasn’t asking for it. But if I did, then I’m obliged to adjust, which doesn’t mean to lose my values and honor.
This example is easy for parents: If you have children, you won’t let anybody to your home, because you think about safety of your children first. So if you have any suspicions, that in the group of people asking you to let them sleep or live in your house, might be someone dangerous, but you don’t know who exactly, will you let them in?
But there is something much more serious, than arguing about refugees case.
Refugees are an effect of this what governments are leading to, which are wars and hunger, greed, craving power instead of taking care about people.
They all (or most of governments) takes care only in necessary minimum to keep their positions. It’s even not taking care, it’s more like, they do what they have to do, to keep the power, they simply don’t mind about people. I know it’s generalizing, which may be harmful for those, who are really trying to do something positive, but that’s the way it is.
fear and lack of knowledge can lead to hatred, which may lead to violence, which can lead to agression and finally to war. What war brings, I don’t have to say, it’s just to obvious. Of course wars basing not only on hate, fear or protection of your country, it’s also quite often based on greed.
I’m thinking, what will happen when we will be able to colonize other planets?
Can you imagine what kind of wars it may provide? Can you imagine interplanetary wars? What kind of weapons we will use? Are people are smart enough to avoid it?
I think, it’s just to hard for now, but for now it’s to difficult to colonize anything out in space.
The only solution is to stop fighting. Are we, as a mankind, are we able to do it?
Even if in the future will be world peace, for how long it will last? It will be very fragile.
Selfcontrol is very difficult for people. How easily we becoming angry? How many things are anoying for us? How respectful we are for each other?
Does people are able to respect diferences between each other?
We never gonna be the same. There is no option for total agreement, there will be no one common language neither religion or philosophy. There will be always differences.
I don’t believe, that people are able to live in peace, but it will not stop me, to not do my best. It will not stop me to trying. It will not stop me to becoming better.
People now are so much about, to not hurting anyone feelings, that sometimes it’s leading to absurds and hurts even more.
I was raised on lies and I contempt  all those who care so much about my feelings, that they are lying to me, or not telling me anything. It will only increas my harm, when I will find out, about this. What about honesty? It seem, that honesty became immoral today.
We cannot call a lier, someone who is lying, we cannot call a killer, someone who killed other person, because we can induce public outrage.
It doesn’t mean, that feelings of other people are not important, it doesn’t mean to not care.
In other words: hpnesty and distance to yourself, recomended, as well as humility and patience. No one is perfect and we should remember about this.
It require a lot of work on ourselves and I know, that people are lazy, but I wonder, does some of them are idiots, or they just don’t think? This is not about those with any kind of disorders, but sometimes you can meet a person, which seem to be able to think, to lead conversations, to work etc. But when it comes to any dialogue or you see how this person is behaving, then you asking yourself: What is wrong with this person?
Freedom is not real, because no one is really free, everyone and everything is depending from something.
Everything is a chain reaction and it’s best explanation, why there is no freedom. In other words, every cause produce an effect. Everything is happen for a reason, isn’t?
Or maybe it’s just an effect of something what had happened?
We cannot do anything we like, because we have to count with others and consecquences of our actions.
Myabe it would be easier if we will live on bigger areas, more separated from each other. Maybe then we will be more calm and more happy if we will see anybody once a week. When we miss someone, it’s much more nice, to meet this person. So if we will miss for people in general, maybe this will provide peace…
But I’m not convinced to this idea, I don’t think it could really works.
The other obstacle is the system. We all are living in some kind of system and we have to adjust to it. All or most systems are based on valuing money.
Money are worthless, it have only given value. The only value of money, is our agreement to accept it as an exchange source. If you wnat to check the real value of it, go into the wild. Value of money is like time, both doesn’t really exist, but it doesn’t bother us to use it. We are using it both, money and time to define easier something what makes problems for us to imagine it, similar like with  infinity, we know what does it mean, but it’s hard to imagine it.
This valuing money systems, may also leading to wars.
Who want war? If you answered nobody, you are wrong.
There are some people on this World, who can crave for bloodshed, but I don’t know any.
But I know people covered by fear, which make them behaviour based on strong primal emotions. Most people want lo live in peace, provide their own life nice, simple and calm, even those, who like to incrase their adrenaline level.

The global peace seem to be the greatest mankind achievement. The only problem is, that it’s not achieved yet and probably it will never be. Even if this is immpossible (and it’s not true,that nothing is immpossible. There are immpossible things. There might be things we cannot do today, because of some reasons, but there are also things, which are just immpossible), it doesn’t mean we don’t have to try, to make this World a better place to live. It’s also worth to try, to make our life better. So what it’s gonna be perfect? Does it have to be?
Back to the track, required things which might be necessary for world peace, in myopinion are: humility (not humiliation), distance to ourselves, calm, honesty, selfrespect and respect to each other and logic thinking, which lead to understanding.
I’m changing by myself and my point of view may change as well. But this is what I’m thinking about greatest achievement of mankind at this moment.
At the end, I have to mention, that I can point these few things leading to this great goal. This is all about, what to do, but the right question is how to do it and I have no idea how to do it. As I mentioned before, I don’t think it’s possible at all. It’s an utopian idea. Does it worth to go this direction? Or maybe is better to quit and provide the life we know in the World we know?

One more time I couldn’t sit down and write this in one time, so I was losing the threads and couldn’t remind it. I hope it’s not confusing too much.

I’m not afraid of criticism and any unfavorable comments, will not be removed. I’m only asking to watch your language in the comments.

Influence of culture and successful propaganda

People are doing or attempting to do this, what they believe in. That is why culture and propaganda can be very useful tools. When cultural greatness is propagated, it’s happening for some reason. What kind of benefits provide it?
From the one side, special way of thinking is begining.
For example: My country have a great history, my country have rich culture, so I am a part of it. I’m part of something great, so I can feel good or even better than others.
From the other side is dreaming to become a part of it.
For example: This country have such a great history, culture etc. so I want live there.
People of hollywood know very well, what they’re doing and how to do it well.
There is a lot of movies presenting American and English history and culture and only few (good movies) about history of other countries.
Obviously, whoever is maker of the movie, becoming propagator, by showing one side as a good guys and the other as a bad guys.
Why so many people want go to USA? They’re probably believing in american dream.
The American Dream, isn’t one of the greatest success of propaganda?
When you start to believe in something, you will also start acting to make it true.
If you believe in something what is real, it’s good. But when it’s a false, then you may fulfill the will of propagators. So it’s reasonable to follow after logic, distinguish what is right and what is wrong. It’s good, to be careful in taken actions.
Culture and propaganda can have big influence on us and on what we are doing, how do we are thinking.
Culture in general is good, because it’s legacy of highest achievements of people living in some country or land etc. But it doesn’t mean, it cannot be use in wrong way and for bad things. Also propaganda, doesn’t have to be bad. You can propagate something good, like healthy lifestyle etc. It have to be truth and checked or checkable. When it’s a theory or anything like this, it have to be said clearly.
Movies as the propaganda tool for the masses, have much more bigger influence than books. Books are for those, who are more seriously interested to know history and culture of the other country or their own country.
Knowing history and culture of own and other nations helps to understand the way of thinking. It can also be helpful in cooperation with people from differnt countries, but it can also give some stereotypes and some kinds of mistakes.
When it’s about people from other countries, I think, that the most reasonable is to have at least basic knowledge about their culture and history, but also get to know this particular person.
Different cultures are interesting and we can learn a lot from it.
It’s also important to not consider own or any other culture as better.
One more time, we have to distinguish between culture and common behaviour. Culture is about achievements and common behaviour is just about what simple people are doing everyday, which can have nothing to do with culture (but it can be more about tradition, anyway I will leave this case for another time).
When I want to know something about history of some country I’m looking for many sources and even this, not guarantee, to find out the truth.
When I want to know the culture of some country, it look very similar, but also I like to visit this country. To see all cultural places, still keeping in mind, that by meeting people I will know some traditions and folklore, much more than the culture.
Isn’t  interesting when there are different places to vsist, than everything mixed all together?
Maybe yes, maybe no.
Anyway, I like to travel to other countries, dicover things which I even didn’t have thought about before, try regional cuisine, learn new languages, exchange of different experiences, etc.
When people start coming to live in one country, they often creates closed separated groups. It’s easy to observe it all over the World. Separated groups in society can lead to easier dividing of society…

Divided States of America

Actually, it’s not only about USA, but generally about society.
In democratic countries, chosen government with all ministers, should represent the will of the nation. If the government or any kind of ruler, is not about to fufill the will of the nation, then the best what he or they can do is make society to be divided. When people are divided in their minds, they are easier to be ruled. Then people are not willing to search for common good or even similar opinion.
Even big companies divide people, it’s just enough to convince people, that they will be better than other, when they will buy some product. It’s enough to look, what some people can do, to get some goods. But does it really so valueable?
Big part of society can unite in the case of higher good, which often means a tragic situation. So what government can do to change tragic situations into a normal situations and keep society divided? They can simply say it’s normal any you people should use to it. You can see it very well in Europe, or in the middle east countries.
When some situations are happening enough often, then it becomes to be a normal situation. Normal simply mean common.
Only consciousness and moral values can stop us to consider madness as a normal thing.
Which nation want go to war? Probably there is no such nation, but it’s not so hard to put this opinion in people minds. What normal person want, is provide safe life and take care of himself or family. Because people want to feel safety, it’s enough to make a little trick and manipulation to make them think, that the war is necessary. Of course is based on conviction, that is the way to avoid attack or any similar things.
Government is not going to war, they send people there to fight. Government is not suffer hunger and similar things, but the people do.
Armies are needed to keep national safety, but I think, that they are not using, but beeing abused.
Unity in the nation is the worst enemy of governments. People gathered togher and united have the power to change government decisions. Governments don’t want fulfill the will of the nations, they want people, to be obedient. They hope, that people will not stand together to stop any act of the law, which government would like to set.
From the other hand, maybe people just used to be ruled and this way is fine for them?
Or it’s too hard, to go over the differencess between us and unite, at least in some basic cases?