One quick thought

You can easly find a lot of comparetion videos on youtube between millenials and gen z. There are also some predictions and speculations about generation alpha.
All these things bring me to this question: If technology addicts people so easy, like there’s a lot using of smartphones almost all the time when they’re awake and technology is not developed so much now as it’s going to be within few next decades. Dreams from the past slowly becoming reality of the future or even goes bit forward than expected in some cases. Of course it’s not the same as people used to think about technology and maybe it’s happens later than people thoughted it will but look and compare past to the present and to technology of tomorrow. If someone thinks autonomic cars will be not successful, because people like to drive by themselves, might be in big mistake. It will become just to easy as using of smartphones today at almost on every second of our life. Those who will born with autonomic cars technology and will not know cars that we know today, will probably not miss for this relicts of the past (in general).

What you think about that?

The trick of time

I was about to read Michael’s post:
and at the very first words it inspired me to write this post.
I think, that everyone had noticed how quickly time is running out  when you are having fun. It may look, that is the trick of time, but is this for sure?
I think the greatest trick here, is based on perspective. When we are kids, time of course goes fast when we play but we are also have not big age perspective and as older we are as more we wait to be grown ups. Honestly, show me a teenager who want to be underage. When you are finally grown up, you are still young and probably see no difference and here comes the real trick.
In grown up life you’re still waiting of course, for anything but it’s something different.
You can wait for end of the day when you are at work all week long, month after month and so on. You even don’t think about passing time but at the same time your perspective is slowly growing.
One day your life perspective is big enough to make you say twenty years ago… add anything you want here. Then often comes the thing, wow! how fast it passed, when? how?
This is the trick of time. There is one more thing, when you asl any older person does time is passing slow or fast, what you expect to hear? Just check it out. Seriously, it’s worth to ask about it and get different point of view on time and perhaps even on your life, your choices, decisions.

Also when it is about passing time and the movies I would like to bring the Matrix example here. The Matrix was played in the cinemas in 1999, which means is already nineteen years ago and for a lot of people it’s steel something fresh.
I’m not sure does Matrix had opened cinematic doors to 21st century, but for sure Matrix closed the doors of 20th century in cinematography.
I’ve met the opinion, that century is not always changing with the date, but with generations, when people are ready for some changes. As we know, changes takes time and first twenty years of new millenium we can consider as initial period when technology is changing but it’s still to fresh to be called full name technology of 21st century. It will be easier to see from the future, when it will be more advanced and displace oldor current technology, maybe even it will do it completely.
With new technology may come new way of thinking, which is nothing surprising and confirmed by history.

We lives in present and the present time is the past, that you cannot catch.
Have a nice day 🙂