Wrong choice

Sometimes people to prevent of causing little pain, they do a big harm.

Shrinking food

Have you guys noticed, that time to time food producers are deciding to shrink their products? The latest example is the chocolate, before big chocolate was 300g now is 270g of course with the same price as before. Regular chocolate before had 100g, now it’s 90g and also keep the same price. Maybe 10% is not a lot, but what is this for?
Choclate is of course not the only example, before it was butter shrinked from 250g to 200g (which is 20% of previous weight) and some other articles.
I guess they just care about us, about our health and weight control, smaller product with higher price should help us to keep fit what often is the goal of our times.
Thanks to all producer who care so much about me and the other people, I really appreciate this.

I’ve also deided to make some changes and to nut put everything here on this blog, yesterday I’ve opened a new blog where I will upload my videoclips productions and maybe drawings time to time and this one will be to write my thoughts and maybe some personal things and journeys.

New blog: https://ytmanipulator.wordpress.com/

Merry Christmas!


What do you see on the picture? Whatever it is, this is only your imagination.
What you really see here, is branch of tree with autumn leafs and latern in the background gives the light. The mirror effect and lack of sharpness make your imagination is working. You can also say, that I tricked you by adding mirror effect.
And this is exactly what our minds do sometimes in situations where have not enough information to be one hundred percent sure, what we have to do with.
“You see, what you want to see” or ” you hear, what you want to hear” is not always a matter of choice. Our mind just gives us the simplest answers subconciously appearing in our thoughts. We are not always analyze recived data and just following after our imagination. This mechanism make us able to see pictures on paintings or photographies, but in some situations, it can lead us to tricked ourselves.
that’s the easiest way to misunderstanding in conversation.
When you are not sure of  what you heard, it’s better to ask for repeating than making own story. Doesn’t matter if this is about conversation or seeing anything it’s good to analyse it. I mean concious analyse.
Subconcious analyse is faster than our thougths and most of the time works good, it’s kind of our automatic pilot. There is a lot of things in everyday life, that we are doing automaticly. Thanks to this, we don’t have to be concentrated on everything all the time. It simply helps us to lead “a normal life”.
By slowing down and analyse some things we can upgrade our automatic pilot, it’s like sharpening your senses.
Have a nice day.

Does it matter?

It’s a reflection of the tree in a liquid

Sometimes when I reply on some posts by the comments, I see like after like and I’m thinking “what is all about, I didn’t wrote anything special”. Well this is only an example which can show, that some things can be normal to us or just “be”, can appear something special for the others.
I have also read recently kedawithani’s post hell ohhhhh october (link below)


(I just don’t know how to make a short link, so forgive me, or not. It’s up to you.)
Anyway, it had remind me, how many times we don’t see what is around us and we treat this as a normal, when for somebody else it can be something special or even motivating, or showing a different perspective.
I wonder, how often we appreciate people and things around us, how often we appreciate everyday life, simple life for us, which can be something different for somebody else, maybe even strange, maybe incomprehensible.
Have a nice day and look around you.