Winter Sea

A few years ago short circuit damaged the disk in my computer, so I’ve lost all the pictures. I have to say, that I had a lot of pictures of Poland which I would like to show you. Fortunately I reminded to myself, that some of them I was sending to my friends via email and here it is 🙂
Pictures of Baltic Sea made in winter with analog camera around 17-18 years ago.

In Poland you can often see, that the beach is separeted from town by forest which takes almost whole longitude of the coast.

This forest is not very wide and it’s from 100meters in some places to around 1km in another places.

Most of the beaches are sandy and only in few places you can meet the rocky ones.

There is nothing new, that beach can be wide one day to be taken by the Sea next day in big part. But usually, there is no problem with space.

Water temperature in general is not as warm as Mediterranean Sea. However it temperature can reach 25C in July.

During winter water in the Sea is not freezing and no, we don’t have Polar Bears in Poland 😉

You also won’t meet any penguins here…

…or any other Arctic animals 🙂

Instead at almost wholelengitude of the coast you can see dunes, which are under protection and you should no climb on them.

On the opposite coast is Sweden and I hope to find pictures from Norway and Sweden which are little bit fresher (made only 14 years ago but still by using analog camera).

As I mentioned before you can’t climb on dunes which doesn’t mean, that you can’t go there at all. There are some places where you can find entrance on the road to the baech or you can get there through the forest.

Sunset would more picturesque but sun hiding behind the clouds also brings some charm.

Here we have 2in1 probably because it was quite cold film in the camera didn’t moved properly…

Here is the river Piasnica which was the Polish-German border til 1939.

An estuary is where the river meets the Sea and it’s changing each year…

At least swamps are still in the same location 😉

Day is short at winter, so it’s good to not stuck in the swamp area. If during day time you have to becarreful where you put your foot, after dusk it’s becoming dangerous, so it’s better to go back to the hotel room and drink hot chocolate to warm up after all day of walking 🙂

I hope you did enjoy.
Have a nice day 🙂


The Lost Gardens of Heligan

I could wrote about the Lost Gardens of Heligan but I wasn’t there, so I think it’s  owners will do it much better than me. After reading about this beautiful place andafer seeing some pictures I thought it deserve for a little promotion and this what is this post made for.

This is what we will find on:

heligan 02

“Heligan, seat of the Tremayne family for more than 400 years, is one of the most mysterious and romantic estates in England. A genuine secret garden, it was lost for decades; its history consigned to overgrowth.

At the end of the nineteenth century Heligan’s thousand acres were at their zenith, but only a few years later bramble and ivy were already drawing a green veil over this “Sleeping Beauty”. The outbreak of WW1 was the start of the estate’s demise as its workforce went off to fight in the trenches; many sadly never to return.

heligan 03

This was a story played out in many of the large estates throughout Britain’s war period.

Unlike many other estates, however, the gardens and land at Heligan were never sold or developed. In fact, it wasn’t until the 1970s that Heligan House itself was eventually sold and split into private apartments.

After decades of neglect, the devastating hurricane of 1990 should have consigned the now lost gardens to a footnote in history.

heligan 04

Instead, events conspired to bring us here and the romance of their decay took a hold on our imaginations. Our discovery of a tiny room, buried under fallen masonry in the corner of one of the walled gardens, was to unlock the secret of their demise. A motto etched into the limestone walls in barely legible pencil still reads “Don’t come here to sleep or slumber”, with the names of those who worked there signed under the date – August 1914. We were fired by a magnificent obsession to bring these once glorious gardens back to life in every sense and to tell, for the first time, not tales of lords and ladies but of those “ordinary” people who had made these gardens great, before departing for the Great War.

In 2013, the Imperial War Museum recognised Heligan’s Thunderbox Room as a ‘Living Memorial’ to ‘The Gardeners of Heligan’. A plaque, a Cornish shovel and a WW1 helmet now mark the spot and details can be found on under entry 63622.

heligan 01

We have now established a large working team with its own vision for our third decade. The award-winning garden restoration is already internationally acclaimed; but our lease now extends into well over 200 acres, leaving the project far from complete. We intend Heligan to remain a living and working example of the best of past practice, offering public access into the heart of what we do.

Our contemporary focus is to work with nature, accepting and respecting it and protecting and enhancing the variety of habitats with which our project is endowed.”

I can add here, that is good to plan your visit on spring, around May because there is nice Rhododendrons collection, which are in bloom at that time.

heligan 06

Personally I was quite near to this place but I had no idea about it’s existence, however I know how to get there and now it’s time for few tips how to getthere.

I will save myself writing how to get to London, because it is an individual matter, who, how and eventually on which airport will go to. Anyway, if someone will use public transport, then you should go to London’s Paddington station, from there choose the night train, which goes (at 23:45) to St. Austell, where it arrives at around 7 am and is usually on time. With the return it may be different, because train may have delay. This is why it’s wise to keep it in mind while planning a return flight.
In St. Austell train and bus stations are practically in one the same place. Just go through the building and visit the ticket booth along the way to purchase a bus ticket.
At 8:55am, bus No. 471 leaves, from which you should get off at Sun Valley Holiday Park. Then it will be about 1km to go. You can take a walk and just be at the garden’s opening (at 10:00).

heligan 05

If someone wants to spend more time in Cornwall, I can add that near St. Austell is the Eden Project (I was there few years ago), although it is in the opposite direction than the Lost Gardens of Heligan.
In addition, Cornwall has nice beaches, and on some of them, you can find caves hidden among the rocks.


Do you speak English?

Definitely most of blogs I’ve seen here on wordpress was written in English. Which doesn’t seem to be something surprising, when you are writing in English, that’s the language you should expect to recive. English is not most popular when it is about native speakers, but enough to look closer on translation system to see, that more than a half of books are translated to English, what make it most frequently using language in the world.
Similar situation is with other branches of entertainment, where the most of songs and movies are in English too. This means, that we are most likely to communicate in a foreign country, by knowing English. It’s the theoretical part.
How does it look in practice? Well, when you are talking with someone who is native English speaker, it shouldn’t be a problem to understand each other. Unless your interlocutor have speech defect or using slang/dialect.
When you are going somewhere, where English isn’t native language, it may turn out, that you will be able to communicate with only a few people of all who claim, that they speak English.
How this is possible, that one language can sounds so different, depending on, where we are? It’s partly because, we don’t hear our accent and even this can make one word to sound completely different. The other thing is level of language proficiency and how comfortable our interlocutor feel with using foreing language.
I’ve also met some people, who consider, that English should be official language of the World. Well, even in the area of one country you can hear few varieties of one language, so how it could be possible to keep one sound all over the World?
The second thing for me is, that I consider different languages as interesting and also a part of cultural factor.
What do you think about it?

Where the mountains are majestic…

Presented pictures are not made by me…

I was only the driver…

this is why pictures was taken from the road.

Current weather just remind me the view of Alps in the fog.

The place where the pics was taken is the eastern north of Italy.

Made in June 2016.

Maybe in next year I will be lucky enough to travel in some interesting place…

but now it’s nice to remind this amazing view…

which is much much more better in reality.

I hope you guys will also enjoy it.

Now are the pictures from the little Italian town,

around 25km from Austrain border.

Have a nice friday 13th 🙂

Journey with an old car

On last saturday I was talking with my friend and we decided to go on a quick holiday trip with two over twenty years old cars. I don’t have to tell you how easily all other cars was driving faster than we was able to drive. One of the cars had 50HP and 1l engine and the second 60HP with 1.4l and I have to say it’s make a big difference, especially when the mass of vehicles is similar. But still, 60HP today it’s nothing for a car, even for these small ones. 75HP with 1l engine it’s nothing amazing today and with turbine even more like 90 or 100 HP. Before the trip is good to check your car condition, no matter is this a new or old car. When you have old one, it’s also good to take some tools and replaceable parts, even when you have no idea how and what to repair in your car, because if something happen during your journey you may meet someone who will be able to help you. What is good about old cars, they are easy to fix.
Enough about cars… at evening we finally got to the place, that’s the cost of spontanous traveling, when you wake up and think like: hmm, I would like to go somewhere…
consider and done… I had enjoyed the ride, so it wasn’t a problem, that we got there late, but if you want to spend as much time as possible at some place, it’s good to check how long the journey will take and what time is best to avoid traffic.
Next day afternoon we go back home, because another day we had go to work, but it still was nice and gives this special feeling of traveling.
That’s it for now.
Take care and have a nice day.

The point of view

Sites like this gathers people from around the World, which make easy to see so many points of view over other people, countries, nations and much much more.
Recently I had read some posts let’s say about points of view over different places.
We are often running to generalization and stereotypes and Mandy from thebrokegirlsguidetobetterliving blog (yes, it’s long name of the blog 😉 ) wrote really good article about stereotypes over Canada and Canadians. Here is the link:

I had heard about a lot of different things and stereotypes about countries and about people as well. When I’m traveling to any country and talk with people it’s like quick verification of things I had heard about with reality. In other words traveling is something like: stereotypes meets reality.
Especially when it’s about big country, you can hear a lot of stories, how many of those are real? Probably only few of them yes, but the most is just empty words which have been repeated by people who even doesn’t know nothing about this country/people.
It’s like, when you are not sure about something and just heard some story from someone, do not repeat it until you find out how it really is.
When you know someone is from country you would like to hear about, it is quite possible, that this person can tell you only about own city/town and family and friends, maybe few known places from the country and that’s it.

What else than stereotypes people can say?
Whatever I’ll say it will be only in my name, my opinion, nothing else.
The other interesting thing is, that stereotypes are often about minorities. The special minorities, which are noisy, behaving in the way, that make them easy to see and by this creating view of all, which is wrong.
Have you heard about Compton? Here I found nice story with Compton in the background, just on Rosie’s blog Floridian Lifestyle, here is the link:

Who you will remember better, someone who is just going to work and back to home, doing shopping, have own hobby or just relax at home after work or someone like mentioned before?

Probably our mind need to create an image of things we don’t know, of places we’ve never been before or is it a blank space in our head?
If I’ll say Italy, Norway, France, Germany, Poland, Greece, USA, China, Canada, Russia, what will appear in your mind?
Wherever I was, I always had heard, that I’m so exceptional, only because I didn’t fit to some stereotypes and imaginations. I also have heard a lot of things about people living in some countries and I could say about everyone I’ve met “exceptional” only because they didn’t fit to stereotypes I’ve heard.
When I meet someone I’m asking: where you are from? from which town?
Now, if I will ask YOU, to tell me about your country, your town, yourself, what you will tell me?
Probably some exceptions, not the usual things which are often considered as “normal”.
Normal things mean boring for us.
But what is a norm in one place, doesn’t have to be a norm in other place.
So what you will tell me, unique things or usual things?

Let me know in the comment, what stereotypes about your country and people living in, you have known?

Take care and have a nice day.

The future’s past

I woke up and opened my eyes to see, that the yesterday’s tomorrow is today.
When yesterday was today, expiration date seemed to be far away.
But now, today is the future and tomorrow will be today.
We are living now, always now, always today, there is no other option.
Our perspective is small and makes hard for us to see small changes happening around in present reality.
Future smoothly turnes into past, but we still are trapped in present day.
Every moment of life is happening now.
Distant future of tomorrow can be disappointing for the people, who thought about it yesterday.
When I’m looking back into years and centuries, I see people were expecting so different World of today.
What we are expecting from tomorrow?
Tomorrow will be today, next day…